What is a good balance between cardio and strength excercises?

Emma J.
Cardio that doesn't include treadmill, elliptical and stairmaster. Strength exercises for better function and getting stronger.
Kristen F.
60% strength, 40% cardio. Not in the same workout, in separate workouts. More muscle means a higher Basic Metabolic Rate.
Joe O.
A good balance between the two is a good balance of the two. Equal amounts of each, without overpowering the other, is a good way to ensure you get a bit both and reap both of the benefits of each set of workouts.
Est Fano O.
So I use the sphere excersice routine, I’m on week 2 on the running and walking one. Then I do the Core Abs Workout, in addition to this I do some sit ups, squats and stretches 😊
Elisete T.
I like a bit of cardio every exercise period and then I rotate through upper and lower body and core for strength so warm up, cardio, body zone strength, cool down. You can get it all in flow yoga too.
Sebastian Y.
I think it depends on the goal. I think cardio should be part of it all the time. But it makes me hungry. Lifting is good for the body but I tend to hurt myself
Randall F.
Is when one is helping the other. They work together for our bodies to feel powerful and lighter, also when the mind feels good about the exercise.
I often do a yoga session and after go out for a run, it feels great and balanced.
Claudia S.
I do push-ups sit-ups and squats using the apps 100 pushups 200 sit-ups and 100 squats I may have two numbers wrong but you can find those apps. Anyway I do that Monday Wednesday and Friday on the other mornings I run that way some days are cardio and some days are strength
Gustav W.
That depends on body type and current weight. But cardio is a priority over strength. What’s good for the heart is good for everything.
Esmirna I.
I think it actually depends, as everything, and there's not a right answer for everyone. I preferred strength exercise, because my slim body executes easily any type of cardio (I can run for almost 10km without any training), so for me, strength exercise is more challenging and usefull in order to build a solid body.
Alison Y.
Once you get used to doing strength you can do heavy enough weight fast enough that it becomes cardio. I circuit train to kill 2 birds with one stone
Genoveva G.
For me, what works best is to begin my workout with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio (bike, jog, stair climber) then move into stength training with or wothout weights (mine a pretty light right now so I can build my strength). I usually do a short series of strength moved (15 squats, 15 reverse lunges, 15 deadlifts) then repeat that 2 or 3 times. Then I do a different series (kettle bell swings, step ups, forward lunges) and repeat. I find if I exercise this way, it keeps my heart rate going. Then I move to core exercises. This all takes me about an hour.
Dera T.
Well, for starters both are important. If you are prone to efficiency and do not want to spent to much time in the gym best answer for you might any kind of HIIT (high intesity interval training). It is a combo of both. A single session might be anywhere from 10<mins. 3-4 times a week. Search the web for possible versions of training and further advices.
Elizabeth P.
The best I would say is the kettlebell swing with a 35lb kettlebell. It gets your heart pumping but also your throwing around a solid piece of metal. You can raise the weight once you get comfortable with the movement.
Tha Se P.
Depends on what you are looking for. Cardio always boosts my mood and helps manage my anxiety, so I am a runner. I do weights once a week to cross train and help with my balance
Livio S.
The right balance of strength and cardio is whatever makes you feel like you’re challenging your mind and your body. It’s recommended to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes everyday at a minimum. Heart rate can still rise significantly during typical strength exercises like weight lifting, so just focus on exercising in general and doing what makes you feel good.
Antonin E.
I'm not really sure but I think for where I am right now, doing more cardio like 4 out of 7 days and 3 days would be strength training that be a good balance. Almost even but more cardio. That way days I don't feel good in my tummy or legs or arms I can switch things around.