What’s your favorite and most energizing form of exercise? Yoga or something else?

Josefin A.
It depend on my feelings: for some days it’s amazing with yoga and just feel the body move, lose some soreness/tenseness and just relax. Yoga is also what I do when I feel like I want to do more of a body weight strength session but feel tired – yoga with some challenging poses is perfect!! I also love just body weight workouts (Madfit on YouTube is a favourite) and this is my most common way of exercising – it’s nice and I feel strong!
When I need to get energy out and calm down I run – I love to run!! However I’m having issues with a knee so I don’t do it as often as I would like. I’m trying to make my runs longer slowly so I soon have more strength and stability in my knee.
Marie Y.
Yoga is my favourite .Because it is so relaxing and funny.İt doesnt give me stress at all.I am doing this much more for relaxing than stretching.I am doing this about a month.My body is really better now