Hi there! What’s your favorite habit you’ve added so far and why?

Yusuf M.
3 full glasses of water in the morning when I wake up. I feel like I'm doing something good for my body, starting out positive, to energize and awaken in my organs

Monique A.
Drinking water. Because marking that I have done something from the list gives me a lot of serotonin and uplifts my spirit that I am healing myself in small steps. Thank you for this app <3

Sierra P.
It's a tie between drink water and exercise. I know that sounds basic, but I drink my water without even sitting up in bed! It's so easy yet leaves me feeling so energized in the morning. Exercising is more difficult, but it really makes me feel positive about the direction my life is going and I enjoy the muscle soreness for the next couple days

Alexandro G.
Doing "To-do list", I feel so much sattisfaction when I can highlight something as done, I never did it before even if I did all the things I needed to do in the day I didn't really feel satisfaction. When I can check something as done and when I do all the things from the list I feel like I suceeded and feel better about myself, more fullfilled

Zlata B.
Journaling and drinking water! Journaling is very good when having a good or bad moments. Like when you can’t talk to someone or don’t want to you can write it in the your journal or in the journal from fabulous! I’ve used ever since, it’s great! And drinking water is also a good habit, but don’t go with too much water! Drinking to much water for your body may do something to you, so be careful!)

Ahr X.
Exercise‼️I have been doing the yogic postures of the soorya namaskar – the sun salutation. It improves everything💯I am a little sore but that is less each day…5 days in a row now. It makes me focus on the physical nature and releases me from overthinking. A productive and rewarding pursuit that i will continue.

Dale Y.
Exercising in the morning has been a game-changer. The rush of energy and the feeling of accomplishment can keep me going for hours. I've started cutting back on caffeine in the morning – I don't seem to need it as much if I've exercised. I feel awake for longer, and I sleep better. It's been a really amazing change.

Fabiano Q.
Discipline is the first step to abundance. If you accept and run to the first thing that calls your name along your journey you will never make it to the destination