How do you avoid migraines or headaches, but in a natural way?

Floyd P.
Not giving your body a reason to have it, though that's easier said than done. Like the first and most important part, in my opinion, is you getting enough sleep, natural sleep that is, so please don't use sleeping pill or overworked yourself to the point of passing out the moment you lay on the bed. A good natural sleep not only help you lower the chance of having migraine, but also help you get rid of another factor that cause it. Coffee. Sure, it help you stay awake but it's just not that good at keeping headaches away from you. Next up, migraines and headaches usually come from fatigue, so in short, keep your body healthy and you should be good. Eat balanced meal, exercise, sleep, exercise, etc. Hope it help ;]
Al Sia E.
I try not to overthink and I don't put too much on my schedule for the day. Just take things slow and steady and try not to rush all the time šŸ™‚