How do you keep a routine of exercising from getting boring?

Valia F.
I usually change a routine every 2 or 3 days, I do something that I really like and that's the way for not getting bored.
Anastasiia F.
By using a ball or rope, hand weightners (not sure if I named them correctly, they are like heavy bracelets), and also by changing the routine every day, different muscles and different exercises. There are nearly a dosen options for each group of muscles, try them all, mix and match to choose what fits your mood each day!
And music! Sometimes I even replace the whole thing with energetic dancing.
Nima A.
Try different execises everyday and if you feel bored just do a little exercise. It doesn't matter if it is small or short. What matters is that you do something.
Abdirahim U.
Do a different type of exercise everyday. For example, if one day U worked on my arms then the next I should work on my legs and etc.

Hope you find this helpful

Charlee R.
I find a work out/exercise routine that I truly enjoy. For me that’s yoga. I do it first thing in the morning so I don’t have the excuse of “today was exhausting I’m not working out” and it always gets me ready for the day ahead. Luckily there’s lots of variety in yoga and you can include Pilates as well so I can keep myself interested and continue to challenge myself!
Sabrina Q.
Well I change it whenever I’m bored with it. So I’ve been working out at home and I do either calisthenics or boxing and switch them once in a while to keep it interesting.

Also, I FaceTime my friends and I workout with them if it’s possible! If you ever need a buddy to workout let me know! I can totally be that buddy lol

Jo Anis I.
I honestly do my workouts while watching something entertaining on the TV. I'll put on a movie I love, or a show I'm catching up on. That's how I stay focused. And usually before I know it, I've been working out for a half hour and didn't realize it.
Moua Z.
I try to do hard but short workouts. Too long and I tend to burnout. Otherwise, find something that feels like play. I have been playing frisbee etc and running, jumping, and throwing gets your heart going and it doesn't feel like work. I get 8,000 steps almost every time we play outside with frisbee, catch, etc.
Mj E.
If you find yourself bored with exercising it may be time to reevaluate if you're being challenged enough in your routine. Also you can switch up your music to a song you haven't heard in awhile and sometimes that does it for me.
Tyann E.
When I walk or run or go to the gym I wear my headphones and listen to music that pumps me up. I do different type
Of yoga practice each time so I am never doing the exactly thing the same thing.
Gottfried E.
Do new things, go to new places. Change it up. If you normally exercise alone, join a group, or find a buddy. Try a new sport. Set a goal that you really want to reach. Not a weight goal, something you want to do, run a marathon, climb a cool rock face, ski a trail without falling down, perform in a belly dance show. Beat you personal best time. Reward yourself when you exercise even though you didn't want to. Just go do it. If you make it 10 minutes and it still sucks, bag it for the day and try again tomorrow. Check your sleep and nutrition, are you doing those things right? Give yourself a rest day and really, really rest. How's the rest of your life? Do you need to meditate or talk to a therapist? Best of luck, and if you fall off the wagon for a while, forgive yourself and start again, it's a new day.
Susana P.
To start, I try not to think on that, I try not to think "ugh! I don't want to workout", "so boring", etc. And second, I don't follow the same routine every day. I look for new ones to keep it interesting
Ellie Q.
When I can't do the usual 7 min cardio, I prefer dancing the fitness marshall in YouTube . Which gives me an energetic vibe of my own choice songs!
Ehrhard X.
I am trying to make it different every day. For example one day I'll wake up earlier and go for a walk before work, the next day I'll listen to music while stretching, the following I'll go for a short run and so on. By having different activities I'm keeping myself excited and the habit doesn't become boring.
Kiana F.
I do workouts off of YouTube! Always change up the type of workouts you do! Also if you can get involved in a sport or a different type of physical activity, that always keeps things exciting!
Wren N.
I don’t expect it not to be boring. It is. I focus on the sense of accomplishment of having done it. I know it is the right thing to do for quality of life
Abbie Y.
different exercises help, leg day, arms, abs, cardio, even stretching! i do yoga on days i’m busy and for “rest days” is still stretch! i also think having someone to do this with you will be a good idea!
Moua Z.
I try to change up the work outs I'm doing. Or, I try to find things that are good exercise but seem like it's playing. Like catch, frisbee, dancing, tag, etc. You're jumping, running, climbing, etc. but you don't notice it because it seems like you're playing. I can play frisbee some days and get over 8,000 steps from jumping around and running to catch the frisbee.
Heather P.
Seriously, just change it up. Try Beachbody 21 Day Fix, then go to YouTube’s The Fitness Marshall. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and if that gets boring go somewhere else where the scenery is vastly different. Try new things. It’s like eating. If you eat chicken nuggets and french fries every day for every meal for weeks you are going to want a burger or a salad or big piece of pizza and chocolate cake. Look at your exercise the same way. Variety is key.
Enora Z.
When my focus is improving my health rather than losing weight I find that I am motivated more. I try to alternate between exercises so I'm not used to the same thing
Plishk N.
Music, friends and shaking things up are my boredom busters! I have a long playlist of songs that make my heart sing and make my feet want to move… I put in my ear buds and hit shuffle when I strength train, bike indoors or go running. I also train with friends so we can motivate each other with stories and laughter and a little competition. Changing activities and trying new things also keeps me fresh and engaged!
Yvonne S.
Not sure, I drink and then I eat listening and thinking about the morning coahching on fabulous. I guess your mind keeps you from getting bored and you learn a bit more every day. As an exercise I'm taking a walk with my favorite music that never gets boring, supprisingly you see something new every day
Debra B.
I think it’s all about finding what works for you. What type of movement can your body genuinely enjoy. Note that it may look different everyday. Some days my body wants a fun dance workout, other days a gentle walk outside so I can take in the sun, it’s really about listening to yourself and looking at the workout as a way of giving thanks to your body
Maxine M.
I like to think of routine as a habit. I am a creature of habit. I think that to keep the routine from getting boring is to actually change up the types of exercise to keep your mind anticipating something new.
Shelan E.
Alternate the workouts by category. For example a workout that falls under the category CARDIO could either be 20 min on a treadmill or 20 min of skipping. The completion of either would essentially be the fulfillment of the CARDIO workout task.
Jennifer Y.
If you enjoy dancing it makes it fun and starts your day with joy. Don’t be afraid to be silly! It reminds you to live your truth.
Sandra R.
I change up the exercise. Some days I swim and other water exercise. Other days I go for a walk alone, with a friend, or the dogs. Most days I ride my recumbent bike (varying the time to other exercise). I throw in the weight machines twice a week.
Bethan P.
Mix it up. Focus on different areas of your body on different days to rest the muscles of the previous day. Try various kinds of exercise to see what suits you. You may prefer pilates to cardio. Swimming, outdoor exercise, group classes or team sport. Look at live workouts and YouTube videos. Make sure you are having fun, not taking it so seriously.
Its Lindsayyy N.
I like to switch it up. Some days I'll do yoga, especially when I feel like I need peace and mindfulness. On days when I need more energy, I like to do Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure because it's challenging and fun. On days when I need a break, I take a long walk through the park with my dog and my husband.

Having multiple options to suit your various moods is key to being able to keep moving every day, no matter what's going on in your life.