What do you do to stay in the habit of exercise when your body is too sore, or you’ve had a mild injury like a muscle strain?

Matthew Y.
At the moment I'm not doing vigorous exercise. Just walking the puppy in the morning. In the past when either surfing or weight training it's just learning to enjoy exercise and seeing being sore is progress.
Clementina Q.
What I do when my body is too sore to do exercise is watch motivational vides of perfect and healthy body on yt or pinterest.In care if I have a injury i will take a class from a tutor on yt which is so fantastic.But doing exercises is like very important in our daily basis
Michelle U.
I go for a walk or stretch or a light jog! I always feel better with movement so even when i’m incapable of going through with my normal workout routine, i still do my best to move my body in ways that feel good.
Kristina C.
I take a Day Off To Meditate Then I Stay Active By Having a healthy Breakfast an Doing House Hold Chores Before a Rest for Work