Any advice for soothing sore muscles? It has been great working out, but I keep waking up stiff.

Elle R.
really good rest. even fixing your sleep to schedule as best as possible. you could even time it down to naps if you needed to, only doing this if really needed. an epsom salt bath is great for your sore muscles. especially before bed, so you are letting your muscles fully relax and recover as you rest. or even a finding a sauna or taking time in a hot tub. if you could find one, a wood burning sauna/hot tub (and especially outside) is amazing compared to a stuffy inside-a-gym sauna. no hate, i would still use inside saunas— just imagine breathing in real oxygen versus steam and someone’s something…yk? regardless of what you do, keep at it! no matter what, as long as you keep your goal in mind and your self at peace —you’ll be ready for what comes your way. be well, friend 🙂
Andre F.
Stretching is great for day-after sore muscles! Using a muscle cream/rub such at biofreeze for sore muscles before bed may also help a little.