Does PE class count as exercise?

Lilli N.
I think it somehow does count, but if you want the exercise to have an impact on your life you should start exercising at home too
Honeylet C.
Depends on what you do on PE class. If all you do in your class is light exercise, you might want to add some physical activities on your own. If your PE class has the activities that targets your fitness needs, then yes.
Clara P.
Of course. As long you take the time to be present in any physical activity and feel it's influence on your body, it's exercise.
Erick J.
I'd say any exercise outside of being sedentary or inactive could be considered exercise. Even yoga which is a lot of stretching is exercise. So yes 🙂
Karen Z.
It is counted as exercise since you are engaging in movement that you might not otherwise engage in if you were not forced to do certain exercises. It might not be what a purpose of this “quest” is, but it does build a habit by simply putting you into an environment that provokes a certain type of behavior, which you can choose to engage in on your own time, outside of class
Alexandra Y.
Definitely, asking as you always try your hardest and do a bit more on top of that, it can count towards your daily exercise