I am not a morning person. How do you motivate to get up at 5:00am to do the entire morning routine and still have time to get to work at 7:30?

Maddison R.
Just infuse it with your normal routine. So as soon as I wake up I drink some water from a bottle I put on my bedside. Then I go downstairs and while sorting out my dog I make my breakfast then eat it. Then I brush my teeth and do a quick exercise. Only has to be a one minute exercise. Then I get read y and that’s it
Autumn N.
I just started a new job that starts at 6 so I know exactly how you feel! I have been going to bed earlier and setting everything up before I go to bed that will help me have a successful morning. So gym clothes and then planning what I’m going to eat in the morning. Maybe going to the store and getting some foods you are excited about that helped me get out of bed for the first week of work. I also drink about half my hydro flask before I even get out of bed and that helps my body and brain wake up! Hope this helps!
Lydia N.
I try to go to bed as early as I can to get a full 8h sleep. Once I wake up I drink a bottle of water to start my day which helps with my motivation. Make a lis for the day too to tick off your jobs that you have done .
Charles Y.
Put your alarm clock on the phone and place the phone away from your bed .
That way you must get up and walk to the phone so you cant get back to slepp 🤣
Courtney O.
Start small. Don’t start getting up at five. Get up 15 min earlier than you normally do. Do ten jumping jacks. Or run up and down the stairs. Do it for a whole week and do NOT add more on. The next week, try an extra five jumping jacks. I use my morning walk with my dog to exercise because it’s already a part of my routine. I add some lunges and squats while she roams in the dog park. Small, consistent steps are the key to success.