What is your favorite piece of equipment at the gym?

Jessica O.
Most of the time I like to work out at home. But when I do go to the gym I like the sled because it helps me do a squat without damaging my knees and the assisted pull up machine cause even though its assisted, it makes me feel pretty bad.
Anthony O.
The cables, because you can exercise every muscle group with them, and they provide both positive and negative resistance.
Chrissy N.
I think it would have to be the training mat. Because after I clean it with the hygienic spray and paper towel, I can do my stretches and exercises more comfortably and not have to worry about dirtying my workout gear.👌🙌🧽

What about you?🤔

Isabella J.
I do extensive workouts at home. Fitness Blender.com & I do have boflex & 4 big dogs. I am going back to the gym when virus is over. I miss socialization. Not for conversation but just to be around others. Love classes!
Stella W.
I don't have any favourite instrument but I like working on trademill and cycle..more than these I like functional training without any instrument..
Saanika P.
The track because, unlike a treadmill, you aren’t tied to one place or a speed setting, and I find running to be easy and fun at a moderate pace.
Drahoslav O.
I like treadmill. You don't have to setup weights, don't have to count the reps… You can just run for however long you want.