How do I keep motivated while in pain? Pain makes me so sad and not wanting to do anything.

Julie S.
Yes it does.but wining doesnt make any thing better.try to remember that this shall pass too.
And focus on the things youre greatful for
H Lo Se Y.
Focus on the small victories! Do what you can and try to always look at what you can do. Celebrate the victory you have
Hiltrud X.
When I am having a bad pain day I change up my routine. I do yoga or deep stretching I stead of intense workouts. I spend a little more time on self care those days.
Arlene F.
When you’re in pain instead of pushing and forcing yourself to stay motivated and do everything, take a day off and rest. Give yourself some time to heal and pamper yourself for a little while. That will probably make you happier and more motivated to do things rather than always trying to fight through pain and force happiness and motivation
Victoire O.
Just be realistic with what you can do. Have no expectation of yourself and then anything you do is a bonus. Look through all the challenges and journeys and prioritise any that are more easily accomplished when in pain
Sarah Z.
Pain is a big factor in being motivated and willing to do things, but that doesn't mean that it can stop you completely. Maybe you won't be able to work out or move as much as you want tox but you can do other things while waiting for that pain to go away. Maybe you could focus on reading that book you've wanted to, or writing something, organizing your room or other rooms in your house, doing laundry or anything like that. A lot of it is powering through it.
Santiago Q.
Well, without pain there would be no suffering and wothout sufferers we would never learn from our mistakes.Pain is temporary. Let it hurt or pain , let it heao and let it go!
Mathias P.
I understand completely. Make sure you aren’t injured first. If you are try new things that doesn’t cause the injury to hurt while you heal and rehab it. If it’s not an injury still be gentle with yourself. Aim for maybe shorter times and build up. An effort is a drop in the bucket..
Suzanne O.
If it is physical pain the one you're enduring, consult a physiotherapist. If it is mental, I suggest you read the book the power of now. It explains very nicely what the author calls the pain body. Hope this helps!
Ida G.
It's true that is really hard but trying to remotivate doing things that don't make the pain worse, or I love more than the pain hurts hekos
Emanuel Q.
Think about who you want to be in the future. Tell yourself, if I quit now, I’m not going to achieve my goals. If you don’t make sacrifices, you won’t change. You have to stay consistent with what your doing, it’s going to be hard. But if you get over the first big hill, all the other ones will become easier. Just keep going
Kasper W.
What is it you are trying to do through the pain? Will the pain stop if you don't do the activity? Will the pain stop if you complete the activity? If the pain will be there either way,will doing the activity make you feel accomplished or happier or content? Focus on that sense of accomplishment for successfully completed whatever task it is. I am sorry you are hurting.
Alexei C.
You have not to think to it, tell to yourself "I can do it a little more" "I can finish it" take all your power and your motivation and do it
Math O T.
Sorry, I don’t know what type of pain you got, maybe that’s something really hard and inevitable, so I hope you understand that I can answer only from my experience. For me its absolutely necessary that my routines help me be happy, not sad and tired. I have some yoga sequences for migraines and soreness, so when my head hurts I still have my training but at much softer levels. I know that my meditation will help me feel better _especially_ when I’m in pain. Same for my great breakfast, glass of water etc. It’s important to feel that your routines support you even in pain, you just need to adjust some of them to be more caring and gentle (especially trainings).
Charles T.
I think that it is okay to feel disturbed. I learned this from Dean Graziosi. Being disturbed will get you there if you work hard and go in the right direction. Also, don’t rely on outside circumstances to make you happy. Be happy just to see nature, people smiling, and kids playing. Be enthusiastic, as that always outweighs perfectionism. Bounce back fast like millionaires. Happiness is essential for success. This is mostly from Dean Graziosi, a living legend.
Vicki T.
Just start, count to three and do it for a few minutes. You will feel better. Do it one day at a time and don't overthink much
Verena U.
Recognizing that the pain is only present at this moment in time may help in countering its hold on you. Especially when meditating, you might explore the painful sensation. Recognize the feeling and then make a deliberate shift of mind away from the pain. Perhaps you could tell the pain that you have to move on. While easier said than done, this practice may help to loosen the grip of pain so that you can redirect your focus.
Ily S Y.
Hello! That is a really good question, probably the hardest one.
What helped me recently was positive and reassuring music. It is hard to see the positive sides through pain, but positivity still exists. There’s so much beauty in this world. We are part of it and there is beauty in us, too
Marius C.
Understandable when we are in pain we doesn't feel good and become demotivated we does want to do anything but it also depend on emotionally or physical pain.First thing you should do is that acceptable accept that your are in pain as most of us doesnt acknowledge our emotion that it okay to feel bad if something bad happen but you have to make yourself better by watching comedy shows,talking with friends anything which makes you feel better.When you feel better you automatically get motivated and always be confident ,belief in yourself as it will make you motivated for a long run.Good luck 😇
Vivan J.
I’m sorry and I wish I could give some good advice here, but chronic pain is not something I’m familiar with… Aside from doing things that might help relieve the pain. I suppose it comes down to mind over matter. Good luck at don’t quit trying!