How does one drop body fat from 22% to 15% in two months?

Carl U.
By eating lean protein and vegetables and working out 3 times a week.

Lena Z.
Consistency. Hard work in training & nutrition will go a long way to giving results.

Micheal P.
Idk about 2 months but dropping carbs, sugar, alcohol from the diet (not fruit or vegetables) is one way. Go paleo. But the only way to maintain it is to stay on that diet.

Bernarda Z.
Eliminate alcohol and added sugar.
Do HIIT training.
Lift weights.
Reduce calories.
Eat smaller meals more often.
Get plenty of rest.
Eat loads of veggies and fruit.
Eat complex carbs.

Bertram W.
90% of weight loss is what you put in your mouth. 3,500 calories equals one lb.

Rasmus F.
Probably repetitive intense workouts, as well as eating smart. For example, eating hearty foods/meals that will sustain your for a longer amount of time, resulting in less eating overall.

Travis O.
Short sets of heavy weights, minimal cardio, drink gingseng tea, high protein no carb diet and if you are a woman best schedule this for after your period.

Anna P.
As a former personal trainer and current Biomedical scientist, I feel it is my duty to highlight the fact that this is a lofty and unhealthy goal. 1% body fat reduction per month is generally considered a safe, healthy, and doable goal. 2% body fat reduction per month is spectacular, but is pushing your overall physiology to its upper limit stress threshold. In order to come anywhere near accomplishing this goal on that timeline you would have to work with a Personal Trainer a Sports Medicine Doctor (or well informed Physician), an RD (preferably one who customizes your diet based on DNA, hormone/bloodwork testing). Self-discipline must be exceedingly high, but your human and this is an enormous goal. Self-discipline alone won’t be enough here. If your determined, have the time, the team in place, and have the financial resources you may be able to do accomplish this without overwhelming your body/mind. Most people don’t have these kinds of resources and even those who do still cannot escape the fact that sometimes even a medical team in place is not enough to prevent them from overexerting their body. It’s also worth noting that mindset and one’s ability to manage mental /emotional stress are contributors to changing your physique due as they relate to the endocrine system and the production of hormones based on factors such as relaxation/stress levels

Mark O.
By walking everyday or
Exercising just staying active. Watching what you eat not eatting to much junk food but staying motivated is the key.

Hans Georg G.
With good and moderate eating, working out and good night sleep

Lily I.
I’m not sure if that kind of body fat loss is achievable in 2 months. However, I’d advise you to cut down on sugar (even bread has sugar), drink at least 2 lt of water a day, at least 2 fruit a day and cut down on lipids (butter, oil) – no more than 2 tablespoons of oil in any meal you prepare. With this method I lost 8kg in 2.5 months while my ACL was torn (so I couldn’t exercise, but you definitely should).

Eliott Z.
Daily exercise or being active somehow. Eating healthy. More fibre. Less fatty meat. Less stress. Meditation.