What do you have to do for you’re exercises?

Ananya C.
I warm up first and then do exercises. I use instagram and fabulous app for new types of exercise. For lifting weight, I use my own body and my school bag full of books as much as I can lift.
Darrell T.
For exercising, I am doing a 15-min walk every morning with stretches to start. My intent is to build on this with cycling and an exercise routine.
Mars E.
i always have music that will motivate me and keep me going. never forget to stay hydrated. also make sure you have the correct gear for the exercise youre doing. no need for anything fancy, just to make sure you have the best environment for yourself and your body 🙂
Frederikke W.
I normally do the 7 minute exercise and it really gets you ready for the day. If you like exercise like me then do the 7 minute exercise.
Jacqueline O.
The best exercise is the one you do. So what you 'have' to do for it is different per person. For me, I put on music and go through a 4 minute arm-based routine. It's not much, but so far, it's something I can do, and that makes it right for me.
Sophie A.
I have to workout my abs using the abs workout plan and yoga and then hot sauna for 15 minutes. 1.5 hours at Fitness Connection
Jasmine E.
I interchange depending on what I want to focus on. I primarily do workouts outside of Fab since I do weight training, interval training and running. So I believe it’s totally up to you and your preference. I have used the works outs in Fab and they are great too.
Azib M.
For my exercise session, most of what I did was doing some stretching and cardio. Since I'm a beginner, I'm focusing on doing light exercises rather than doing high-intensity exercises. This makes me feel comfortable, and if I do want to advance to high-intensity exercises, I'll have to prepare for that.
Violet X.
I usually work out at home, following an online personal trainer, or sometimes I take a nice walk around the neighbourhood
Albane G.
i look up great workout videos on YouTube, and create playlists of them based on my mood, level of sleep, and day of the week.
Abigail E.
I tend to not really want to do things. I am very unmotivated. Today the only thing that for me to do what I needed to do was either writing a todo list. Of watch TikTok’s. Like watch TikTok’s about studying and Rory Gilmore!! That makes me want to be productive and get things done.
Kaylen J.
I use an amazing app called workout women. You can choose so many exercises from there for many different amounts of time and you can specify what areas you want to work on, for free! That is what I do and I do a variety of exercises throughout my days.
Darryl E.
It is hard of course, but, you must remember why are you doing this.
Do you want to look better?
Do you want to be stronger?
Do you want to be healthier?
I want to look better and be stronger, I want to look in the mirror and love the way I look. I want others to look at me and feel attracted, I don't want my look to repel others. I want to be proud of myself.
I also want to be stronger so I can help people. To help others you first need to help yourself. To help others you need to be strong enough so they can rely on you.
The couple of minutes a day will get easier with time, and they will be worth it.
Think of people who say that the want to workout but don't. Be better then them, and maybe you will be their inspiration.
Katharine Z.
Every morning I practice my dance routine through once or twice. It engravings the steps in my mind so that I’m prepared for my class on the weekend. I’ve always liked to dance, but hate any form of public performance. I found a dance company where I can learn the routine with the class but am under no obligation to perform with them.
Becky Y.
In the morning I do some Yoga for 10 to 20 min to get some movement. Later on the day I am going for a walk or to the Gym, this depends on how I feel day by day.
Nora F.
In the morning I just turn on my favorite Playlist and try to get a little more active by just dancing. Then, at night, I go to YouTube and look up "At Home Workouts" and choose from the variety offered. Hope that helps! 😁
Louis C.
I usually go to the gym. I’m flexible on what I want to work on, but usually Mondays are legs, Wednesday is arms, and Fridays are core and if I work out another day of the week I usually just run. I find that sticking to certain days of the week for exercise helps motivate me to get moving and having rest days is really important. I also make sure to stretch a lot before and after my workouts
Julia Q.
I have a personal trainer. Exercises change every month and I get four new ones. A HIT, Upper body, Lower body, and stability mobility and flexibility. I also add yoga and stretch days sometimes.
Barry U.
A lot of workout really but sometimes its mostly stretching and stuff thats similiar to it so my body is more and more fit
Sydney S.
i would do a cardio workout and then one focusing on a certain area like abs, legs, back, etc! make sure to switch up between workouts or you won’t see results
Lukas J.
I personally put my workout clothes on in the morning and then my casual outfit on top. When it's workout time I just have to undress my top layer of clothes to get "in the mood" and start right away.
Sophie I.
Ideally I’ll do a few sets of simple but varied calisthenic maneuvers and trying not to push myself too far so as to injure my body. Otherwise I’ll usually settle for any heavy work I do during the day or maybe a walk outside since it’s a difficult task for me to figure out how to go about doing.
Hartmuth E.
I workout every morning. I work on core mostly. I also have soccer practice Tuesday and Thursdays in which I also exercise.
Almirodo F.
I listen to music whin I do exercise .First I run .Then I do leg's exercise like Mountaineering run.
Then I do exercises like sit_up,plank,Swedish swimming.At the end I cool my body with do Flexibility exercise
Rose P.
I dance to kpop, their dances are easy and hard, it makes you break a sweat and lose lots of weight fast, for example "I can't stop me" by twice, it's an easy dance its just really fast. It helped me lose 10 pounds in 2 days.
Rebecc N.
I use a pair of 8lb dumbbells and do bicep curls, tricep lifts, shoulder press, and bent over rows. Then I use the same for RDLs, squats, hinge squats, and lunges. Then I do planks and try to walk or run (or combo) at least 1 mile every day.
Heather R.
As soon as my alarm goes off, instead of pressing the nine minute snooze, I get out of bed and do an 11 minute wake up yoga. I realized that no matter what, a part of my morning is waking up, and I always struggle with that. The gentle yoga wake up is something I look forward to. I walk my dog every morning, which I have to do, but also love. I realized I feel foggy headed around 4 every day, so I stop my work then and run on the treadmill and do Pilates, and then take a shower, get into jammies and make dinner. Then the rest of the day can be for relaxation and an early bedtime, or more reading if I want, depending on the day
Matt Q.
It really depends on how much time I have. When I wake up late and have no time for my routine, I just drink some water, put on my clothes and go out and I complete my routine outside: I walk to where I have to go and I stop to buy some food and have breakfast. That's how I trick my brain into thinking I didn't break the chain, so I'm motivated the day after. When I have nothing else to do in the morning I just focus on my routine, it's a moment of self-care for me so I go running or I do some yoga. When I have just an hour or two, I just do a fast workout at home, so I don't need much time and I can still complete all my morning tasks.
Hannah M.
I weightlift about 6 days a week where I work my upper and lower body. I am actually adding some cardio here and there but I really enjoy the stronger aspect in terms of using muscle.
Ortrun G.
I normally just do a dance workout with some beat music to boost and energise me for the day , I am not trying to gain or lose weight.
Beverley U.
So for my exercises I do some stretching just to wake me up but then i do a simple ab workout in the mornings
-25 crunches
-20 heel touches
-30 second plank
-30 russian twists
and then end with a small stretch
Hope that helps!
Stacey T.
There are a lot of simple things that I do for my exercises considering I don't do the same thing every day, but I like to run around the house with my pets, go up and down the stairs listening to music, go on a nice slow walk or run around my neighborhood, you can also just simply jog in place when you feel like it or do some sit-ups/pull-ups. Things that you can do in place
Maria X.
At first, i set up a cozy place for my exercise. Then i put on my clothes for exercise. It puts my mind set for exercising. I mainly exercise through the Fabulous App.
Sarah T.
I have only been doing small things, such as taking time to really stretch and be up and moving more vs just sitting around. Small wins!
Darvin C.
Depends on the day. Some days I wake up extra early go to the gym and go through a full routine. Other days I turn up my playlist and just dance around while making breakfast. Everyday I go on a walk with my dog some maybe be a quick 5 min walk. I’d warm maybe a 2 mile run or a 10 min walk. Just depends on your mood. You don’t want to ware yourself out.
Josefine C.
I’ve been going to the gym but this not sustainable to do every morning. I will probably switch to doing some stretches, then some sit ups or push ups. Since it’s winter I can’t go for a walk like I’d like to. You really only need to exercise for a couple minutes to see positive change.
Aisha X.
I am quite an unfit individual and essentially new to physical activity. I have downloaded an app called workout women which offers many programs and also beginner friendly programs. I’ve selected an intro to fitness program which I attempt at least 5 times per day. It’s quite beginner friendly and I am happy about the fact that I can get some physical activity into my day and I’m on my way to a healthier me.
Radoslav A.
Warm up my shoulders, warm up my neck, squat 10-20 times, breathe, relax, sit in a lotus pose, stretch, strech and stretch, this is the best for me since my work is very phisical.
Tanya W.
Click the rocket button on the app and then click the section “Make Me Fabulous” there’s an exercise section in that with quick exercises you can do!
Ildefonso C.
I usually run during the week and gym in the weekends 🙂 where I also run lol but I do other things like cross trainer, and I'm working on my arms 🙂
Leroy U.
I've been going on walks, and doing really short runs around the block. I'm thinking that on really low energy mornings, I might just exercise my lungs by singing on the porch.
Phyo U.
I do simple basic exercises which do not need any special equipment to start off the day, like push ups, squats and jumping jack.
Svt C.
On weeks that I feel more motivated, I follow workout videos from home. On days when I wanna do a little more fun exercises instead of strength building exercises, I do cardio. Specifically dance or skipping.
Lizzel N.
Push ups sit ups and jumping jacks are basic for times im in a hurry, tho sometimes i make time for wall sits and planks too
Emily W.
I get up an hour early and do 2 workouts that make me feel good and feel like I’m making progress. By getting up early, I don’t have an excuse not to do it as after school I am too tired. I wake up, tidy my room and then workout. During my workout, I usually get ideas of things to do that day so I keep post it notes on my bedside table so I can write them down and get most of them done before lunch as I’m more productive in the morning
Cori O.
I do yoga even though the app doesn’t have that and I also do Pilates it kinda makes me sad that even the app made “goals” you can’t change the time Duration on those to make them longer and fit more for your lifestyle
David G.
Before school, get up 15 mins earlier, grab the yoga mat and do stretches or go for a short brisk walk. When I don’t have school, get a cardio dance workout in – pulling the workout up on my computer the night before and putting my clothes out for the exercise, or maybe a morning run if I feel like it.
Rosalyn S.
Any kind of exercise will do – a short walk, five push ups or sit ups, dancing to a song. You should start with something easy and enjoyable
Eleonora O.
i asked a personal trainer at my gym to do a schedule that was right for me and to reach my goals. remember that it’s better to spend some money to do it in the right way, IT’S YOUR BODY TREAT IT WELL
Ren J.
It depends on the person. For instance, you should make a goal. My goal is to do the splits. So, I do exercises regarding how to improve my stance.
Other goals could be stronger legs, smaller hips, or doing a cartwheel. It depends on you.
Nathaniel U.
For the gym, I put my clothes, sneakers and a water bottle in my backpack. Then I go for a walk to the gym which I think is a great type of warm-up for your workout, because if you also engage your arms while walking, you would give a little bit of extra warmth to your body for you to be able to perform the exercises better.
Bia Z.
I normally take off any jacket or accessories I have on so it doesn't get in the way, start play some music and go for it.
Maryum N.
Well,I don't like tow exercise at all! But to build a standard morning routine We all have to do it
So a shortcut technique is to dance !!
Yeah I love kpop steps..
And every morning in 8 minutes I try to learn a little step of my favorite kpop song!!
Olivia N.
I go for CrossFit classes, so it’s a mix of strength and cardio exercises. Sometimes in the mornings I do some push-ups and squats to wake my body up.
William Z.
I purchased a rowing machine, exercise, mobility, and stretching apps. I also have a trampoline that helps with getting cardio in.
Requerino F.
Crab walk 8-10 sets
Squats 50
Jump squats 30
Donkey kicks 10 each
Donkey kicks straight 10 each
Side kick 10 each
Wall leg raise 10 each
Bicycle 15
Flutter kicks 50
Leg raises 30
Russian twist 10
Plank 30-60 sec
Alexa Y.
I have to make sure thay I am drinking enough water before hand and it helps to eat some thing 30mins to an hour before hand or make sure your eating right afterward. I find having a motivator for a workout helps get me through it. My motivator is thay I have a goal to lose 5 more pound by the end of the school year and if I can ill get my nails done which I am so excited for.
Isaac Z.
I start my day by drinking water,in this busy world 🌎 not having time to invent my self , caring my self, sometimes I find connecting to innerself is amazing 💫 what ultimately is the body carrying me towards my goal of becoming officer so it becomes very important to give priority to me and try each day making my self physical fit so that I can do my work more efficiently and remain consistent in my work…..Iam blessed that universe is showing me right path ✓✓
Monika P.
I use an app and do Daily 10 in there or a longer workout. I'm not sure if I can give the name of the app here. There are a lot of good videos on YouTube too.
Taylor T.
i don't have to do much. I like to stretch in the morning so if im feeling like it, maybe roll out my yoga mat. But I have carpet so it is not a have to.
Kylian Q.
Well it depends on the day and what I'm in the mood for. Like yesterday i just put on some music and dance. The day before that i went on a walk and today i just vacuum the house.
Noga X.
In your exercises, you can do push ups, crunches, stretch, jumping jacks, squats, and you can also run or walk. You can ride bikes, swim, or just look for workout routines on YouTube, TikTok or Pinterest! 🙂
Hope I helped! <3
Chris Z.
I walk my dog or consider how much I move around the building at school for work exercise. Also long stretches or playing with my students.
Guy Q.
Take a morning walk while searching for a veggie supplier LOL sometimes do some chores and dance to the song i play in the morning
Alien S.
Well I first do my pre workout yoga of course but when I finally decided “hey why not start a workout routine” I normally went on YouTube and started looking and started building up my routine as I went along. From 20 seconds per to 40 per and it all really depends on how far you are willing to go to reach your goals
Jada Z.
In the mornings right after i drink my water and shower, I like to take my dog on a nice refreshing 30-45 minute walk just before making breakfast. I usually listen to a podcast during this time to keep my mind busy, its usually a audio drama .
Elisabeth U.
Your* (sorry, had to do it)

All you have to do, is enjoy moving. It's as simple as that. Sure there are some rules to how much you should exercise, and what counts as exercise, but in my opinion, the most important part is to just enjoy the exercise.

Judith T.
I usually go to the gym with a work out routine on all the muscle groups, however if you dont workout maybe do some home exercises or alternatively go on a run or walk
Silas W.
I feel like every person's fitness needs and wamtsvare different so if you want to exercise to feel good you can dance to your favourite song, go for a hot girl walk or do some stretches or yoga or go for a run. However if you want to exercise to improve your body then you can go for something a little more intense such as morning rins or head to the gym but remember to start of easy otherwise you'll work yourself to burnout and lose energy. And remember, dont skip even one day because it will get easier and easier to quit. if you dont feel motivated enough one day, go for a 2 min walk but dont give up. You got this bae.
Maurizio E.
I have to at least do 25 pushups, if I don’t do anything else, but if I’m going to be honest with myself here. We need to step outside. Regardless of the time.
Allie U.
You just have to wake up, put a mat on floor start exercising. Its that easy. You can also take help from the app for which exercise to do.
Kirk W.
Yesterday I danced, today I did sit ups, push ups and some stretches for my dodgy knee. I think the latter is more achievable as I can do it anywhere, wearing anything, and I don't need any equipment.
Terra C.
The exercises can be even something small and simple. So I put on a morming playlist and dance aling while getting ready for the day. This works really well for my busy schedule that starts early in the day. Or if you have more time, going for a walk, or even just stretching works
Mahesh Z.
I moved to a new house. My morning excercise is moving boxes, furniture on some days, or some basic ground excercise like squats and walking on other days.
Austra N.
I am doing make me fabulous exercise pack (free), bet you can do whatever you like. For example sometimes I like to do personalised workouts, for each day of week. U can find a bunch in gym homepages e.c..
Brittany Z.
Usually walking to, from, or around campus. I can’t just leisurely stay walk around either. To be fair, I’m normally short on time as I leave for class so it works well 😅😂. That, or some sort of jumping around or dancing to music.
Felix T.
I started practicing yoga. Every morning I do the easy, beginner version of the sun salute. Which gives all of my body a good stretch, and gives me some light physical strain as well.
If I have the time, I will also do aerobics. Like jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, and squats to get myself awake.
I don't need anything for these exercises except a yoga mat, and they're all very easy and beginner friendly:)
Laura C.
I have to keep my exercise short like a 30 minite exercise but it has to be effective, i also like exercisinh twice a day once in the morning and once at night
Shumeaz Z.
A few weeks ago I hurt myself during a strenuous session. So this week I'm starting slowly with stretches and easy yoga poses.
Emmie Y.
I go on a walk on the weekends and during work days I don’t have much time so I just play my favourite song and dance while getting ready
Aubree U.
I’m not real good at exercising and I need prompts and reminders. The exercises recommended by Fabulous work well for me. When I get a Fabulous alert, it reminds me to stop what I’m doing and get back to my daily routine.
Angelina Q.
Yesterday I was doing yoga, and a several workout for exercise. And I’m so tired. Today I’m not skipped the exercise, but I’m not doing yoga or any workout, I settled with the dancing and walk from the station to the office
Mathilde N.
I incorporate little things into my daily routine, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or maybe taking the longer route walking to class/work. When I want to do an actual workout, my favorite things to do are dance workouts on YouTube (MadFit is my favorite) or even playing BeatSaber on VR! It’s so much easier to find the motivation when you have a ton of fun doing it!
Dan E.
I think about the longterm benifits, staying in shape will help me later to be able to stay independent. Also how go I feel about myself after the exercise. The feelings Ng of feeling healthy and strong give me a beter image about me.
Albert Z.
Depends on my day!
Most of the days I start with morning walks.
If the weather is good, could be a bike ride or a run! I also do tennis twice a week
Vittorio E.
I am not exercising doing something specific in the morning, it’s very difficult I wake up at six and then Run to the train and walk to my work place.. this is the exercise I am doing
Breanna A.
I go to the gym 5 days a week! 20 mins of cardio on the treadmill, then I hit the different machines; depending on if it’s arm day or leg day
Luca Q.
Absolutely anything you like that raises your heartbeat! For example it could be dancing to some music you like, skipping, or going for a run or a bike ride. Just make sure you stretch afterwards! There are lots of free YouTube videos of cool down routines available so make full use of it!
Vuyisa Z.
I usually stay between the time limit of 10 to 30 minutes. I would either use a skipping rope or do functional strength training from YouTube video, whether it be with or without equipment. It’s rare that I go on a run but I do, I’d walk on the treadmill and watch Netflix at the same time.
Serena F.
I usually just like to go on a long walk to my favorite coffee shop or do some morning stretches… nothing too fancy just to get my body moving!!
Jonathan C.
Burpees every morning. You don't have to set a number, you just have to start and see what you feel like. More often than not, you'll end up doing more than you would have planned anyway.
Sophia V.
I use a fitness app like fit on or sweat! If I am bored I walk or run in the treadmill. Sometimes I also do yoga! Lastly, if nothing of this is working for me that day, I go for a walk around the house or to the nearest park.
Katelyn F.
The majority of the time I do yoga, but I’ll change the routine to meet my needs for the day. If my body hurts or I just don’t feel right, I just do floor poses and stretches. If I’m feeling a bit more able, I do a more full flow. I do use an app to help guide me. There are also a lot of great YouTube videos, like yoga with Adrienne. Hope this helps!
Jerri R.
For my physical exercise? I go for a walk. I enjoy walking by the river and sometimes will listen to a walking meditation. I also have an app called ‘Wakeout’ which prompts me to move more throughout the day with little exercises that last only a few minutes.
Mae O.
I honestly don’t workout much so I may not be the best person to ask. I mostly just go for walks and do the occasional jump rope or dance workout
Salma U.
I prepare myself mentally more than physically. Whenever I need to start some exercise weather it’s physical or not , I tell myself that it’s not done for someone else or for something. I always do it for the sake of me and my health; mentally and physically.
Brian Y.
I’ll take it slow for a start. Go to the store, light jogging home, 30 minutes yoga at evening and dansing / playing with the kids in the afternoon
Julia C.
I usually do sit-ups or any standard exercise as long as it doesn't do any harm to my body. For example I do push-ups but I don't do anything where I am straining my knees, because they hurt a lot when I exercise them too much.
Ricky Z.
I try to keep it realistic. So, I mainly do 15 mins of good cardio and then 10 mins of muscle exercise . When I feel tired/have less time, I only do cardio.
Madison N.
I do a usually focus on one body part or area like abs or legs a day and sometimes I do a little of the other. I do about 5-10 exercises of the area I’m focusing on and usually 1-3 exercises of the other area some days. I stretch before and after exercising. I also drink before and after too.
Filoteu C.
In the morning when I first exercise I keep it easy. Stretching, yoga maybe a couple of push ups and after 6 minutes I’m done. I keep it easy in the morning because I do workout everyday (but Sunday) powerlifting 4 times a week and cycling 2 times!
Romana G.
I do a variety of things. At the moment I’m on a holistic challenge and do classes with those. A mixture of upper body and lower body workouts. I also play softball and I go to the gym. When my knees are feeling good I’ll do Zumba as well. Good to have options. I’m hoping to get back into boxing too.