Do you have a snack before exercising if your energy is low?

Socorro Q.
I exercise early so if my energy is low I use a prework mix in a water bottle. The little boost of caffeine help me push through the workout. If it is later and I don’t want the caffeine then I do have a healthy snack such as a banana or apple to draw energy from.
Felix C.
I am not trying to. If you exercise hungry you will get more fat burned. Plus your mind power becomes even more powerful. And thats what we want right? Power.

Ma Lia Y.
Yes I like to have something small and light if I can find it. A piece of fruit is my go-to pre workout snack. I like to have it 20 min beforehand.
Christine U.
Yes, I always have some fruit or coconut water 45 mins before work out. If I am very low on energy then couple of chunks of chocolate is my go to pre workout. It's best to eat something at least 30-45 mins before workout, but don't work out empty stomach unless it's yoga.
Felix A.
Yes! If you’re hungry and you’re energy levels are down, a small snack won’t hurt you. I would suggest a light, healthy snack that won’t weigh you down but keeps your energy levels up!
Urbano S.
Yes. I have experienced the negative effects of not doing that first hand, such as getting light headed or even starting to black out a little. It's also important to let yourself digest a little first.
Josephine O.
I do have a snack before exercising to make sure that I have enough energy to succeed in whatever workout I choose to do!
Tha S N.
If I'm feeling especially low on energy, then yes, I would take a light snack. Be sure to keep it light though. It's difficult to gain momentum exercising on a full stomach.
Irene P.
Nope! I never thought about doing that. If my energy is low before a workout, I’ll have preworkout. I try not to eat before working out because it makes me feel nauseous while excercising.
Faith J.
It depends. I would say that I usually won’t, because I eat pretty regularly so if I have a snack, I run the risk of being too full for rigorous exercise. Also, I’m not really inclined to workout when my energy is low. If I haven’t eaten well enough that day, or had enough water, or I’m sick – these are all reasons, not excuses, to give my body rest. Don’t eat for exercise, eat for your day.
Pierre E.
Yes. Usually I exercise first thing with a mostly empty stomach, tho I always have water and sometimes a piece of fruit before I go out. If I wait even till ten or after, I eat something a bit more filling – a protein smoothie, egg white bites, protein waffles. I can’t get as intense with my runs if I go out to long after waking without food.
Na L Z.
No, I prefer to drink some water or another beverage (but not too much) because I find that a full stomach makes me nauseous when I Exercise.
Craig Z.
Yes. Especially if I know it will be a hard work out. Usually it would be a banana, some nut butter, or a protein bar. Nothing too filling, as it would make me feel nauseous when exercising.
Catherine F.
Sometimes. I usually don’t like to eat before working out, and once I get going my energy levels usually increase. So it’s more if I’m really hungry as opposed to low everything levels. But I try to avoid eating before.
Erika O.
I generally like exercising before getting any food in my system. I feel lighter and more concentrated. If you feel low in energy perhaps some tea with a drop of honey or a morning coffee could help
Roli Q.
Nope. I'm on keto diet and I have fuel attached to my belly 😉
What is more I don't feel barbaric hunger, because I don't have carbohydrates drops. Try to read about keto diet and if you like it talk with your doctor. It's not for everyone but it works for me and some of my friends.
Mel Nia N.
Sometimes if I feel very low in energy, I drink some water, and eat a fruit. I feel like that builds up some energy to go forth with starting and completing the exercise
Oceano Q.
More than a snack I think I will go for something to drink, maybe with some fruit or sugar inside. I think it's gonna make me less