Does anyone else have trouble exercising in the mornings? The afternoons always seem easier to me, and I feel my time in the mornings is limited because my schoolwork takes so much time. Do you work around it or allow yourself to exercise some other time?

Lakshmi Z.
I like to workout in the mornings but I find it difficult to wake up early and there’s just not enough time to workout before my online classes start (also I’m shy to do it in front of my family 🙈). I find that just a little bit of walking can give the satisfaction of a workout but it’s nowhere near enough, for me at least. I’ve been trying out different timings to see what is right for me but I still have to find the right time to fit in a workout time. I mostly go for walks in the evening, a minimum of 30 mins at least, to work around my schedule and get some form of physical exercise. I hope to find a solution for my timings soon and give my journey to fitness a proper and definite start considering everything from exercise to diet and my schedules. I hope someone can find this helpful and I hope this helps me too ☺️
Salustiniano C.
I exercise in the evening because I have school and schoolwork to do in the morning but I make sure to exercise everyday. I usually go cycling or attend a dance class.
Kaiya N.
I should say that I work around it, but afternoons are much much easier for me. I guess whatever time works for you as long as you do it.
Anton Y.
For me I’m fine with either one but I prefer afternoon because it gives me time to get awake and ready for my day. And about not having time to because of school; I agree. That’s another reason why I workout in the afternoon because in the morning I have to eat, get dressed, get my stuff for school, and more and working out in the morning just sort of stresses me out. I’m also more tired and don’t have much energy in the morning. And in the evening I have to do schoolwork as well. I don’t think that there is necessarily a ‘good’ time to workout I think it’s more of how you feel mentally and physically as well as what your schedule is like. So yeah that’s my opinion, I hope this helped you 🙂