How do you motivate yourself to work out?

Bill C.
Honestly, just doing the easiest thing to work out is my thing. I make it a thing to work out in the morning, and there are some days such as when I am sick where I don’t feel like doing anything. On those days, I’ll do something very easy and most likely doesn’t make me stronger, but keeps the habit in place. Such a workout would be: 1 squat, or 10 arm circles. Things that aren’t physically straining are your best bet. Also having a cue such as a certain spot or a time ( for me it’s waking up in the morning) will help you because you don’t have to consistently remind yourself to do it. Also try drinking half a water bottle first. It helps to bring energy to your muscles is you are feeling sluggish.
Noe S.
There are positive fitness channels on YouTube that are all about information rather than flexing. They make me want to do more. Try Buff Dudes (Better Understanding Of Fitness and Food, get it?)