Do you feel self conscious at the gym? I’m a short, fat man so I always feel ashamed when there’s super buff, tall men lifting 10 times more and beautiful women working out all around me.

Joshua S.
I'm a tall, relatively thin woman and I used to feel incredible self conscious at the gym too. I think it's important to remember that people are all doing their own thing in there. I've found that a lot of the judgment we expect from others actually comes from ourselves. What helped me is to get some advice and do some research so that I felt more confident about my workout routine, and knowing what to do and how for the best results. I also like to go to the gym when it's less busy, and to isolate myself from the room with headphones. You are doing a great job for going even though it's out of your comfort zone. It will get better and better over time, I promise!
Clifton C.
You're not at the gym for them you're there for yourself! Put in some headphones and go into your own world and begin working out
Cory F.
Absolutely my friend. I’ve never been very strong and it’s always made me self-conscious. I try to remind myself that I am not my body or my strength. I also don’t go to a big box gym. I found a locally owned place with a kind supportive environment and I try to go with my friend. Having someone I know there with me is great even if we’re doing different workouts on
Leeloo W.
Just going to the gym is already an achievement. If you're goal is not to get super buff then you should not feel ashamed. Start small and get better and one day you'll be able to lift enough for your own good. Don't lift for other but for yourself.
Hansen N.
“The first step is the hardest one” but it will take you far. Don’t feel ashamed about yourself; when I started lifting weights I was just a guy who didn’t know what a barbell was, and watching all the people around me made me feel the same way just like you, but I didn’t let that situation to stop me or hold me back, what you are doing right know is brave and admirable, and that’s something to be proud of. So keep it up!!! And remember, giving up is not an option.
Aroua S.
That is a great question! We are all self conscious at the gym, even the super tall men and beautiful women.
First, congratulations for going to the gym, some people won't go because they feel unfit for a gym.
Now, what I do is that I focus only myself, and try my best not to compare my body with others. If you are new at the gym, and in order to gain some extra confidence, avoid hours when the gym is full of people..go on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday early morning. Ask for assistance from the coaches, that's your right.
People who look "great" at the gym were not born that "great", they learned is a process.
So just keep going to the gym, focus on yourself, being short is not something you can change, but you can certainly lose weight. Good luck.
You are great and beautiful the way you are.
Amanda Z.
I work out at home because I am self conscious. I used to be very big (over 300) and I still feel people judge my weight and the way I look even after losing over 100 pounds. I also felt more self conscious at 145 than I ever did at 320 because I felt like people would look at me and say see she could not keep the weight off. I am currently 185 and I won’t go to the gym because of that fear of people saying, “See she couldn’t do it. All that weight came back.” So I exercise in the comfort of my home where only my dogs judge me (and lick my face while doing a sit-up).
Marilice S.
I feel the same way sometimes. But they didn’t get where they are at in a day. Working on yourself is like art it takes time for your masterpiece. Keep your head up and you will get to where you want to be.
L Lia Z.
I think everyone feels self conscious at the gym at some point. That's part of the draw for me. The more I go, the more comfortable I'll get. Even if my body doesn't change it's appearance, I'm getting stronger and that's something to be proud of.
Jito N.
I am short too and I understand what would you feel when you saw a tall handsome guy who you wish to be!😂😂
But pay attention you have some ability that no one have
It’s just you and no one can do what you can you’re worthy even you’re short or tall and people around you ….
They just started few days ago. 😊
Id Lio O.
You are becoming a better version of yourself, and that's all that matters. There will always be taller, better looking people, but you are working to be stronger and thinner and that is something to be proud of. Also remember that you're beating all the people who are still stuck on the couch – you're winning!
Allison J.
It’s hard not to compare yourself to others when you’re in a place like that but I just remind myself two things: 1) no one starts out buff and looking like a model, they all look the way they do because at some point they made the same decision you did: to start working out. 2) instead of focusing your energy and attention on what you THINK people are thinking about you or comparing yourself to others try channeling that into determination to better yourself, almost like a mediation of directing the focus back onto yourself instead of who’s around you. Most people there are probably too focused on themselves to worry about others so take the same approach. Appreciate that you took these first steps to change and are actually willing to put in the effort (which is Already more than some) and know there’s nothing shameful about trying to make yourself the best version of you that you can be. If you are at a gym that allows disrespect between members either find a new gym or take it as a personal challenge against that person to do what they think you can’t.
Jelena R.
At first, yes definitely. It's very intimidating working out with those sorts of people when you aren't used to it.
Try to remember that you are doing a great thing by getting started, just like all those people had to at some point as well. Perhaps they were even in a similar situation like you. Give them then benefit of the doubt that they won't judge. They may even help encourage or teach you some of what you know. Good luck!
Imke U.
I am so self conscious that I just can't go. However, the reason why I am self conscious is because I'm not sure I'm doing it right… Don't feel bad about your body; if you're overweight and not in shape then it means you're already working harder than any of them!!! So you're better than them!!!
Otherwise, something that might help is joining a class, I find it less stressful, personally.
If working out at home isn't an option, try listening to music, I find it helps me to cut me from the world.
But mostly, don't forget, YOU'RE WORKING HARDER THAN THEM. YOU'RE BRAVER. For them it's easy, they're already fit and in shape. They should be impressed by YOU. And if they're not, then they're morons and who care what they think?
Ismael C.
I don’t really like the gym. Why? Well, people have different bodies. Some have better genes, some have worse. Some are more dedicated to working out and some are less. Moreover ability to hit the gym isn’t always a reflection of desire, it is also a reflections of means and availability. What I don’t like about the gym is we are all comparing, sizing each other up. Like our bodies are a reflection of our dedication, when really our bodies are a reflection of all of these things: desire to exercise,genetics, time, and so on. So it’s weird that we size each other up.

Besides when I exercise I do it for the love of it. Like, when I go running I like to spread my arms out and pretend I’m flying … that is particularly fun when running around a corner or bend in the trail. I don’t feel like I can do that at the gym. So I don’t go and I try to hit the trail, or dance around my house, or work in my yard, or anything else but go to the gym and be judged.

William J.
I too am a short fat man and while at first it got to me…effort is what matters, though. Work hard. Focus on yourself. Move the weight that you can move. If someone judges you then that says much about them and nothing about you.

It helps me to listen to music and get really focused on my workout. Focus on you and not the show going on around you and it will get much easier. You can do this!

Kay O.
I used to yes. But then i learnt that nobody cares. Each person at the gym is there to achieve thier own goals, not to judge at what you look like. If anything they probably think Good for you!
Anatole F.
I understand that might be intimidating, but remember that these people have come a long way to being fit and strong. You are just starting. So don't be hard on yourself. Another thing is that I find gyms to be quite boring. Have you ever tried a dance class? It's so much fun I have not come back to the gym since, and gets you moving. It has worked for me beautifully 🙂
Carl U.
It can be really intimidating going to the gym when there’s lots of very fit people there also working out, but the thing is, no one is going to shame you for being there and putting in the effort to build a healthy lifestyle. They didn’t all start out fit and buff, they also may have started out as overweight or very skinny. And at the end of the day, as hard as it is to remember, people are usually very in the zone and focused on themselves and honestly won’t even think much of you being there. Going to the gym is the first step to building a healthier body through fitness and just being there to work on it is great!
Balin P.
I try to focus on my own journey only competing with my previous self. I think it makes it easier to have fun with it and see results.
Kelly S.
I'm a short fat woman but I also have faith in humanity. I read posts from other gym goers who for the most part are secretly rooting for the overweight people, cheering them on on their journey. That's what helps me when I go there, instead of seeing a room of judgemental people I see a room of silent cheerleaders
Brad F.
Absolutely, but it doesnt scare me from going. What i dislike the most is not knowing how to effectively use the machinery to get the best workout for me. Also i tend to work best solo rather than in a social atmosphere as i can focus more with less distraction
Chynna Y.
Sometime and I mostly think that other people are thinking that I'm do my form wrong. But at the end of the day, I always have to encourage myself that I made it to the gym and that these people will be my witness to my dedicated to myself.
Emmanuel C.
No my martial art skills hunting skills life skills in general don't make feel less than being funny helps alot as well.