What is a good quick bite to have before a workout?

Amijah F.
I would say a good quick bite to have before a workout is an apple or orange because it has the vitamins and minerals that you can use while exercising.
Gina Z.
There are numerous ones that I have read that are good. I like having a banana or a piece of fruit more than I like energy bars or those kind of products because a lot of them are packed with ingredients that I don't think are required. Coconut water is another good because of its electrolytes and hydration properties.
With that, I tend to have it at least 30 minutes prior because it's a liquid and moves through my system quickly.
Undine M.
bananas are the perfect pre-workout food. They are packed with carbs (for fuel) and lots of potassium. It helps in optimal nerve and muscle function during the workout. <33
Woubalem F.
Some carbs i recommend eating before a workout for a quick energy Include a granola bar,piece of fruit, oatmeal, crackers, a piece of toast
Laura G.
I like to have some fruit, perhaps a banana or an apple for some energy. However the best thing to have before exercise is a pint of water. It will make you work so much better and will help your recovery after the exercise.
Joana P.
In the morning, poradge gives you all the energy you need. If you want something quicker, an avocado toast or some fruit is delicious and fills you with the energy you need for a workout.
Elena L.
I always try and have some sort of carb and protein before and after a workout. I love having like a piece of toast and some cottage cheese. Half a banana and some PB. I try to have a protein shake afterwards within 30 mins of exercise
Herminia C.
It depends on how long before.
A big meal should be eaten at least 2 hours before workout, so it won't sit heavy on you.
The "heavier" the meal – the longer you'd want to wait.
As a matter of fact you don't really have to eat anything before, if you don't feel like it, but if you feel a need of energy, a small sugary food, such as a candy bar, energy bar, bread with something sweet on it – will all do the trick.
My personal advice – get used to not eating anything, and you'll never feel like you need it.