How do you exercise in the morning? I can’t seem to rise early enough..

Paul Y.
It can be difficult for me too. Sometimes I get it down to the last 10 minutes before I know if I stay in bed any longer I’ll be late. 10 mins is all you need for a quick workout!
Nicklas F.
If you mean before work then I am personally not much of help. I have not been able to do that most times. On the rare occasions that I was able is because I went to sleep very early and woke up super early so I work out instead of just laying in bed until regular get up time. But because my work consists of a lot of sitting (research, writing etc), I do love me a long walk right after work—whether it’s walking home from work or getting home and then change quickly into something comfy and going for a stroll. I consider walking a ‘workout’ of some sorts as most of the times it helps me health wise holistically—mind, body, spirit. Sometimes I also enjoy going for a short run but I do make sure I put my objective on the low end so that I don’t have pressure to achieve high goals and then end up doing more. So, early in the morning best workout I can get is doing a few chores around the house as it helps me jump start myself (I’m not a morning person and need patience and time to reaaaaally wake up). Lastly, more recently I discovered this super easy YouTube channel through which I get done walking workouts if I’m particularly lazy to go out or want something a little different from the usual activities I do.
Villads C.
Ok so I have to be up super early for work in the morning anyway. I used to get up get dressed and leave. Now I set my alarm for a half hour earlier in the morning and started going to bed an hour earlier. I don't want to get up but I have to be ready for work and my sister gets up and walks with me now so I have to be ready in time to meet her or I would be late for work. Getting everything ready the night before has helped alot to. I set everything out right before bed and have found that it saved me an extra 5-10 min each morning. You got this just stay strong. Hope this helps.
Robert X.
Whenever you wake up , you can make some pushups or simple exercises for some minutes after your breakfast. Otherwise you can just walk for a while after you wake up.
Terrence B.
I do circuit training. I like to feel my muscles working, and then give them a rest. Knowing the evidence backed behind its effectiveness , and the accessibility to workouts online (so I don’t have to think about it) makes it easier to accomplish. But I make it really short. I started with 8 mins, like this app recommended. And then I started adding on every day. If I didn’t want to workout per say, I’d put on some music and dance where no one was watching. It puts me in a good mood for the day!
It also helps to prepare the night before. Set up or sleep in your clothes, pick a YouTube video, music playlist, or plan with a friend to meet in the morning, and keep each other accountable. Try new types of movement! Find something that makes you happy to wake up in the morning. You can google more ideas, but here’s some examples. Rock climbing, indoor swimming, outdoor swimming, cross country running, skiiing, yoga, dance, free running(parkour!), canoeing, tree climbing, fencing jumping, fencing, and martial arts! Just to make a few. When looking for what you like, write down your expirence after wards, and you can look back on it with more clarity. Lots of places offer free trails so you can go for a little while to see if you like it! Hope this helps. Have fun moving!
Aerinne A.
Do it anyway. Drink water and start focusing on how you're moving your body. Work up to greeting the dawn with a jog, or just know that may never be you and that is 100% ok. (Running every day for a year only made me More Tired.) Several stretching and smaller aerobic tasks can be completed in the time it takes a kettle to boil. Stretch and do knee lifts while the shower heats up or while you wait for the bus. The only "me time" I've been able to carve out of the day at all is the few moment spaces between tasks. By the time breakfast is ready, people are wrestled into clothing, lunches are packed, and it's time to eat.. At least 15min of extra focused excersize has happened. Even if it's super old school step aerobics with a can of beans in the kitchen.
Megan E.
I’ve made a commitment to myself to workout every morning. The fabulous app has helped a lot as I like being able to check the button at the end.
Kimberly U.
It's tough. I usually do the following. Prep myself mentally the night before. I picture all the steps I will do in the morning (eg. I will wake up at 6am, I will grab my shirt and pants from the drawer… Etc..). Next, I will do my best to be in bed by 9pm. My phone charges in another room – no distractions. I set my alarm clock. I clear my mind and reinforce in my mind my goal for the morning and my reason for working towards the goal. With plenty of sleep this should help me with focusing on what needs to be done tomorrow.
Michele U.
Getting out of bed is the hardest part. Set your alarm for a half hour before you’d normally get up, give yourself the push to get out of bed. Even if it’s a 10 minute stretch before you start your day, it’s something. The trick is: you have to WANT to change
Susana X.
I set three alarms because i am a heavy sleeper and i placed my shoes and excersing clothes on my bed then i go out for a jog and drink water then i exercise using this app
Randolf W.
I find that even though it may not feel like it, I always have the most energy in the morning. And then once it's done I feel great and I know that I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.
Jacob Y.
Right now with COVID going on has made this work for me. I'm fortunate to work from home so even though I don't get up early enough if I were going into the office, I can managed a couple minutes of stretches. I am trying to build lifelong habits so I'm okay starting small. You know how you stretch when you first wake up? Just build on that! Stand up, stretch, lean side to side, do a forward fold… Think of it as just warming up your joints. The point is to get your body moving first. We can address the next step (waking up earlier) another day. For now just spend even 60 seconds just stretching your body head to toe to get the blood flowing and be proud of yourself!
Bradley J.
I advise adding something super small to start, like a 30-second plank. And don’t expect any more from yourself than that.