How to push yourself when you exercise alone?

Periwinkle A.
I like to use an alarm to help me practice making the time, but the next step is paying attention to and really respond to that alarm! Pretend it is your best friend, and that ignoring it is no different to actually ignoring someone you care about. Hopefully then, you will have an easier time making it happen. Also, when doing it alone, listening to something helps too. A speech, the radio, music on a playlist-whatever is your jam counts as long as you don't get too distracted. Good luck!

Alfred C.
I imagine what a motivating coach would say to me, like, I actually imagine one of my rugby coaches and what they would say if I was right there. I also do count downs and try to push it in the last 30 seconds or 5 reps. And I always remind myself if I stop, I can jump back in- think of it as a pause, not a stop

Terri U.
I keep the ultimate goal in focus.It's the discipline for me and the feeling of rejuvenation after such a small amount of time.