What kinds of exercises should I do as a beginner?

Adelbert O.
Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Physically speaking in the beginning learn your body. If you dont like yoga or yoga moves dont do it. You dont like high cardio or running a mile. Dont do it. You dont want to hate what youre doing or youll avoid doing it. Try modified jumping jacks, arm circles, squatts or plies. Chanel some you tube beginner videos for ideas or explore apps. Kicks and punches are good. Stretching is great! Dancing or bouncing on a bouncely ball is good too! Find what you like and let yourself grow to love.
Riley F.
For me, I decided with some simple stretches and squats. Then I found workout plans online that helped me further. Currently Im on one of Chloe Ting's workout challenges. I have been doing if for 3 weeks, still counting.
Irie A.
You should probably start by doing very easy exsersises like crunches, or jumping jacks or even do some yoga, where it's not to hard on your knees.
Isabella U.
You can do jogging and bending backward and frontward , after 2-3 days you can start to do a bit harder exercises like pushups and planks but do 5 pushups and 5 planks a day and after 3 days you can start to increase the number of planks and pushups according to your stamina so that it'll not make you tired . Hope it'll help you 🙂
Lauren R.
Riding a bike is a really great entry point into exercise. It’s low-impact on your joints, but can still get your heart rate up. You don’t need an expensive peloton or anything, a regular bike or stationary bike will do. Once you get used to riding a bit, you can incorporate higher resistance intervals into your rides (like hills!). I like to ride while I listen to audiobooks or watch a tv show, but there’s no right or wrong way 🙂
Abigail Q.
I would recommend Squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. Start small so don’t overdo reps and make sure to warm up and stretch. Good luck!
Caylee N.
As a beginner (I am one too) you can do any workout but make it your own pace. For example if a workout says do 20 push ups in 5 minutes do as many as you can in as much time as you need. Any movement is good 🙂
Danielle Z.
I’ve found that just walking is a great exercise to begin with. It feels easier to start than other more rigorous forms of exercise, but can be made quite effective by adjusting your speed and the path you walk on.
Chloe F.
Short but heavy exercises in the first days helped me to use no time excuse (7 minutes of fitness, I took the first I found, called something like "7 minutes scientifically proven…) and in the meanwhile I fill them on my body. It is getting harder to maintain them, because muscles respond less, maybe not too much time to recover.
Actually I do 2 sessions, 7mins, one in the morning and one in the day routine. I have to add some stretching at the end.
Marceau Z.
You should probably look up exercises for beginners and your body level but as well try and find a BMI caculator you can follow thorugh out your adventure
Ms N.
If you like yoga you can do some yoga exercises for beginners. But if you don't wanna do that you can do some cardio and after some time you can do a little bit hard exercises. You need to prepare your body because it's not used to doing exercises.
Olivia D.
i suggest you check out some of chloe ting’s workouts on youtube! she also has free training plans and low impact options. or, you can run. i use the nike run club app and it’s guided runs are super motivating and i definitely recommend them.
Yara D.
i like having oatmeals if i want to feel light and i like having boiled eggs with many veggies, alot of sorts of cheese in addition to make me feel energized throughout the day!!💗

heyy!! i usually put the desired about of oats with some milk, a pinch of cinnamon and nuts, a little bit of vanilla extract would give it a great taste and i add some frozen berries too. hope you like it!!💕

hello!! i would recommend the “walk at home” with leslie samson on youtube! good luck🤍

Derek O.
Try stretching exercises at first instead of body training exercises. Target a specific area so that when you start strength training that area it’s limber and you don’t risk injury. Also, a plank is always a a good starting exercise. It warms your whole body up and increases stamina. Start out with 30 sec then get larger every day, till you can hold for 2 min!
Devyn G.
I think doing the workouts that Fabulous provides are really good for a beginner, I started with those. To find them, when you get to the Fabulous moment for the exercise, scroll down and 3 of them are listed. (Sorry it’s hard to explain where they are!) Those are fairly easy and quick.
Lamija U.
I do a mix of stretching, and yoga. I don’t actually know the names of the poses or stretches, but I remember them from yoga classes, studying and when I trained tennis.
Eibhlin I.
I think it’s best to do some simple yoga right when you wake up. Yoga is great for your body, and doing it first thing in the morning can help wake you up and get you ready for a successful day.
Autumn X.
Start with a simple walk or jumping jacks in your living room, or some lunges down the hallway, maybe even putting on some music and dancing around is a great way to start
Sarah Z.
Focus on body weight exercises and set your goals very small at first.
Try doing air squats, and push ups using your kitchen worktop first whilst standing, building up to full length push ups on the floor!
Chloe J.
You should start by a good walk, then maybe some light routine at home so then you can try harder routines little by little.
Debra Z.
park far away and walk farther, walk up the stairs 3x instead of just once, have weights ready for you and do some lifting, stretch and do a yoga routine comfortable to you
Giuliana P.
Start with what you and your body are comfortable with. Start off by walking and doing a few basic exercises or even try doing yoga. Yoga can prepare your body and mind for exercising and help you feel more comfortable doing so. The first couple of weeks are the hardest so just make sure to keep your mind on the goal and you will be prepared for anything you try!
Victoria B.
Try something simple, like going for a walk or jog and even stretching, but remember that you don't have to do actual exercises. Doing chores and cleaning your house can be just as effective, and maybe put on some music to help motivate you and make things more fun! Dancing is also a good way and fun way to exercise too.
Phatsimo Z.
I enjoy dancing to my favourite song so that is what I started with. I'm trying to slowly introduce cardio but it's taking long
Dustin Z.
Crunches, sit-ups, and push-ups are great beginner exercises to just get a feel for how to work your abs and arms. You should also invest in a light possibly 10-lb dumbbell. With a dumbbell you can work pretty much every muscle in your arms and it's very easy to store! You should also do some cardio each week, I recommend starting out 2-3 miles a week then moving it up to 4-6 after a month or so.
Christian Z.
I should do light but enjoyable exercises, allowing me to set the habit and to be healthy. I choose yoga, when possible, and walking to work when I have less time
Nguyen C.
Just do a little workout like stretch your body about 10mins or just simply do the basic moves, I'm a beginner and i do abs exercise, over time it does make me stronger, im no longer lazy and tired