How do you keep paper clutter and mail organized and prevent them from piling up?

Cassie Y.
I organise them then I get plastic folders and put the papers in. After I put it wherever I want. Don't forget to label it!
Emma Y.
I allocate time at the end of each week (2hours) just to organize my files,archive them and makes them easily accessible through organizing them by topic, and date.
It's good not to postpone this process as it takes less time once you do it at the end of each week and it also saves your time and increase your focus while working since you won't have to worry about remebering where that file is or whether u have it or not.
Cassie Y.
We have a system. We have three boxes full of papers, one labeled “File,” another labeled “Shred,” and the final one labeled “Throw.”
Jeremy I.
I like to get things done and taken care of as soon as they arrive so they do not stack up and become unbearable to complete.
Cassie Y.
Dedicate 1 day to get it completely under control then force yourself to tackle incoming paperwork just as it comes in. THIS WORKS.