How do you stay consistent about eating better?

Kimberly Q.
I'm not always consistent, but I do find I feel better when I eat smarter things. Feeling better motivates me to eat better. I also find that if I have treats around the house all the time, I'm not as tempted to gorge on things like chocolate. It's always available, so I don't need to eat it in large quantities.
El Onore Z.
Work around what works better for your behavior! If you like sweets, gradually introduce more fruit into your diet. If you like salty snacks, fine some keto or low carb salty snacks to slowly replace the unhealthy chips. Peanuts work too!!
Rana N.
Try focusing on the consequences. And I don’t mean in the long run I mean what’s happening immediately after you eat something not healthy. For example, I love salty snacks like chips. Whenever I feel like wanting some I think of how I’ll feel right afterwards. The dry mouth from all the salt, the oily fingers, the discomfort in my stomach because I ate too much of it. All makes me not want to eat chips anymore. Try applying this to the super sweet or too high in sodium foods that will make you feel bad or just flat out leaves you disgusted with yourself and all the discomfort it may cause. This may make it easier for you to go for something light and healthy instead.
Sabrina O.
I only buy healthy food and snacks when I go grocery shopping. To avoid buying fast food or gas station food during my work week, I make sure to pack plenty for lunch. If a crave sugar I keep dark chocolate on hand.
Suryodaya F.
It's definitely a major challenge and it hasn't been easier with lockdown. What I do is to take monthly pictures infront if the mirror and compare. It helps me see the progress and motivates me to make changes.
Debbie Z.
At the moment, I subscribe to different cooking subscriptions to motivate myself to try new healthy foods that aren't on my radar kind of thing, and then it's good to find new flavours and also test out cooking skills by tweaking the recipes etc the apps are always great for tracking what recipes have been and gone as it's easy to forget. It takes the hassle out of shopping as well once the store cupboard is full. It makes sure there are about three freshly cooked meals a week, with one spare as they're normally for two people etc. which can go in the freezer for a lazy day. It's quite cheap with offers and then if you leave the subscription a while discounts are often offered too which is cool. Sharing with friends etc gets discount too. Plus it gets a bit boring again after a while and then another subscription can be tried etc. Take aways can be healthy too and more fun and worth the money more if you use a restaurant etc more than a pizza house. Not for everyone but might appeal, hope it helps! Lockdown has revolutionised how I shop really and it's convenient when having a busy life.