How do you run when there’s it’s 2° F (-16° C) outside and there’s ice on the ground?

Leonel N.
I am a member of benefit program in my workplace which gives me free entrance to most of the gyms/fitness places. I use treadmill then.
Ga L Q.
I don’t run, I don’t enjoy it,
But I do a HIIT workout which gives me a great cardio workout with 30 second intervals of mixed quick workings that can be done indoors in place without equipment. Running in place, knee high running in place, and speed running in place are a few of the little of the interval workouts. It keeps it more interesting for me and keeps you inside which I prefer based on weather.
Anna A.
I’m not a big runner.
In college we ran for rowing when it was too icy to be on water. It required agility to avoid the icy patches. I wore a wool hat, smart wool socks (on both feet and hands) – and full length tights with a light sweat shirt. I tried to keep my feet dry…
Now, I do the HIIT class when I can fit it in. It’s “high intensity interval training”
The seconds App has it…

Johanne W.
I usually run in the forrest nearby or on the beach when it’s that cold. The ground surface makes it easier to get a good grip
Nathan P.
Go to a gym? There will always be an excuse not to do something or a reason why something is more difficult. Instead of looking at problems, try to find solutions. In addition, you don’t need someone else to answer this question for you. Apply yourself and I’m sure you can figure out a solution! Good luck 🙂
Baguandas C.
I think when it is cold outside you always lose motivation to go on or feel the need to quit. Your mind thinks and creates mo4e excuses to quit but let me tell you something every winner has felt like quitting. The only difference between a winner and a loser is the choice they make when this feeling comes. And if there is ice everywhere go to a place like a gym or a park where there is maybe a treadmill or grass or where there is no ice
Rasmus P.
When I was 16 years old and it it actually was -16 I went out and shoveled snow. I think I made a little over a dollar. How did I solve the cold problem? Simple, I now live in California.
Enrique G.
You remember why you started. You realize that if you stop now, all that hard work, that routine, that habit that you’ve worked so hard to build up will be ruined. And you’re not a quitter. If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be worth it.
Marta N.
Not really sure. But you must be careful. Try running inside or doing another exercise. If there is snow you can do cross country skiing. Dress warmly cover your mouth with light wrap and wear good tracking shoes. Is all I can think of.
Gerlind F.
With running shoes that carry spikes. It's not at all uncommon here. The temperature is just a minor annoyance, make sure your warmed up and have your non-exercising body parts protected from the cold.
Dena E.
I've ran almost every day since mid Jan this year. Most of that in -20 C.

At that temperature the ice is dry. So it's really not that slippery.

It's currently melting and freezing where I am and I find that much more challenging to run in. I just shorten my stride way down in particularly icy conditions

I'm not saying running on ice is the smartest move. But I haven't biffed it yet.

Pedro N.
Simple: You don’t!!! Find something else for workout during those days/weeks. There are plenty of choices, strenuous or otherwise. This may give you the hidden opportunity to concentrate on stretching (the importance of which cannot be emphasized enough), or plunge into P90X for a whole-body workover. Whatever makes you happy! The important thing is to never give up and keep on doing exercise!
Grzegorz F.
Just add more layers 🙂 It might be uncomfortable the first kilometer, but soon you'll be warmer. If not, add some more layers until its manageable. And get some studs for your shoes so that ice on the street no longer is a concern.
Enora Y.
You could run in place inside the house or use a treadmill if you have one. You could also do other exercises like pushups or mountain climbers.
Gabriella P.
Honestly I live in Florida so that never happens but I know that when it's scorching out we switch to an indoor excersize so maybe find something indoors like a treadmill or elliptical.
Amanda C.
I wouldn’t be running outside in that weather. I usually am on the elliptical if running is what I’m shooting for and it’s bad weather or a treadmill would work too. But if you don’t have any of those machines a good half hour of cardio would be great too!
Jacob N.
That’s tough! My suggestion is doing an indoor core workout with plank and plyomegric exercises and an intense video for cardio or bundling up and trying cross country skiing or snowshoeing, perhaps? Perhaps that could be your substitution?
Noa O.
To keep fit in the winter we use a wahoo bike trainer that fits into the back wheel of the road bike. I use Zwift as the fitness app that helps to control the resistance and gives guidance for workouts and races. We place it in front of a TV and peddle while watching.
Caroline N.
You can either run on a tread mill for the desired amount of time or run in place instead of getting out in the cold weather.
Barb U.
I do excersise inside or use my bike to go to the station. But when there is it really cold or snowing I just excersie inside.
Elizabeth P.
I personally would not run outside when there is ice on the ground! I think that it could be dangerous to take a fall. That said there are plenty of ways to get cardio indoors, there are gym memberships as cheap as $10 a month where you could run on the treadmill
Etelvina N.
I don't run at all.unless it is the summer I will go to the park outside my house than walk or run or bike or do something that is productive.