What exercise can you do for fat loss?

Megan N.
Try a HIIT work out. There are loads of great ones on YouTube. I do the body coach – 30 minute work out. Stay consistent with it and the weight will start dropping off 😊
Carlos Q.
Honestly I think strength training is the best long term method for fat loss. Essentially for fat loss you need to burn more calories than you eat, no way around that. Either lower your calorie intake or burn more calories then. Muscle is active tissue, and takes energy just to sustain itself. Simply having more muscle increases the calories you burn. If you’re worried about getting too muscly, it’s really easy to dial down the weight and protein drinks to prevent that.
Rana U.
Any exercise! As long as you start small, keep consistent and regular- it will add to getting you more fit and healthy. You can go for specialized exercises after, too.
Ryan U.
You can go for a run or just to some heavy work out but don't exert your self to much. Go on YouTube and search there are many videos which help you out. Even dancing helps and also Singing burns calories. Surprising but it is true. Have a Fabulous Day.
Olivia Z.
Walking daily is so under estimated when it comes to weight loss, but cardio on an empty stomach, weight training… like lifting dumbells and stuff like that. But excersizing to lose weight, make sure your in a calorie deficit aswell!!! hope this helps 💕
Nakita Y.
Literally anything!! Strength training and cardio are both great, but with give you different results.
Any kind of movement will aid in fat/weight loss, walking, running, swimming, dancing, yoga, boxing, weights, just move! But your diet plays a huge role too.