What’s a great at-home exercise?

Amanda F.
Yoga-pilates mix of low impact body weight exercises. Very little to no equipment needed. Relaxing and not overly demanding. Harder to feel failure, so easier to continue on with the habit to build core strength, flexibility, and align your body. Your outcome is more of a tone sculpted soft yet strong body versus a more musclcular built swol body if that's what you're looking for.
Charlotte J.
I only have time to work out in the morning or after work but have a hard time being motivated. What incentives do you use to get your self going?
Martin G.
You can take this many different ways depending on your current activity status and goals. In my opinion, one cannot go wrong with HIIT and light weight training like dumbbells. Alternate the two and you will get valuable health benefits. I would check free programs on YouTube that start slow then build to about 30 mins or more as you get fitter.
Heather P.
You Tube is a great resource for at home exercising! If you like dancing try the Fitness Marshall or Bolly X. Lifting free weights is easy to do whether you have any dumb bells or not. No joke…soup cans make great weights, as do books. And of course yoga is the ultimate at home exercise. No mat? No problem! A bath towel can work just as well if on a carpet. Bad back? Use your bed for some of the exercises. FitOn is a fantastic free app for your phone that has lots of fun exercises to do. Give it a try and see what catches your fancy!
Kristen P.
I wear warm clothes like leggings, a long or short sleeve with a hoodie, a head-warmer or a hat, and thin pair of gloves. you wanna keep your torso and head warm as much as you can.
Haruki C.
Push ups, squats, jumping Jack's, dancing. Anything that gets your heart rate up will help you live a healthier life. Don't forget the power of walking and actual restful sleep!
Florent T.
Honestly, if you can get outside and walk, that’s the greatest, extreme temperature conditions only increase the greatest. Getting out of your home just opens your mind and moving around and walking or even running is great exercise in general. The temperature conditions can and will make you more awake.
Monali P.
There are lots of exercises to do. But i prefer some basic yoga which you can do on daily basis and for streching related exercises I prefer to do surya namaskar on daily basis. That's it for my type of exercise
Philip Z.
Anything callisthenic. Squats, crunches, pushups, burpees, lunges etc. 7 minutes of exercise a day can do you lots of good. No need for weights. Try the app Seven. I find it lots of fun
Faith X.
A 30-40 minute HITT work out works best for me. I just did a tabata jump rope routine this morning that I now plan to add to my routine.
Cory P.
I on occasion do a yoga session with Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. I also find doing 20 to 30 min high intensity interval training or HIIT to be a good use of time and they don’t require special equipment. Using a set of stairs and your body weight is really all you need to get a good workout
Phoenix Q.
You don’t have to worry about other people seeing or judging you. You can just do what you want to do and it doesn’t even matter how long you do it. It’s so much easier
Veronique F.
Put on your favorite playlist and dance around the house. Really loose yourself in it! Or use the 7 minute workout exercises in the Fabulous app.
Marirose Y.
I do the 1-Min Just Get Moving Exercise and 4-Mins Core Exercise in this APP then I use my foldable treadmill after for fast paced walking.
Laura F.
Whatever you can enjoy is my best answer. I enjoy following along with online classes but also pick a few of my favourite exercises and do those in between classes. It also helps to set small but specific goals to work towards. For example, 2 more push-ups in 2 weeks. Deadlines can be helpful but only if they don't add too much pressure!
Grace O.
I have found the seven minute HIIT on the app the easiest one to consistently stick to first thing before work as it's short so i manage even when I'm stuck for time – I'm currently going through the running training aswell which I like , but as I said when time is tight the 7 minute workout is good