How hard should I push myself when I’m not feeling it?

Hannah Z.
I think it's always really hard to do anything when you aren't feeling it. The way I approach getting over a slump is trying to address why I feel that way and trying to find a way to break the cycle of emotions causing it. Even if you take the morning to figure out what's going on, and complete your morning tasks in the afternoon instead, at least you've still done them, which will help you to feel better 🙂 Action always comes before motivation as well
Troy Y.
Set yourself a reasonable target. 5 mins. 400m. Whatever. If you do nothing you break the habit and let yourself make an excuse. Doing something is better than nothing and you might find after that first 5 mins you want to do another 5.
Nicole Z.
It's more important to do something, anything, than to do a certain number of reps, pace or amount of time, so set out to do any amount no matter how small and then take it one mile or one rep at a time. If you set too high an expectation of yourself you'll eventually find a reason not to do it when it feels too hard. Once you start you might surprise yourself that you can actually do the goal you had in mind. It might not be that day you're not feeling it, but by doing even a little that day, you're more likely to achieve it the next day or the day after.
Teresa U.
not very hard you don’t wanna Hurt yourself but I do suggest when you’re not motivated push yourself to be motivated but not too much, you got this.
Luca Z.
First of all you can ask yourself… "why am I not feeling it? Which are my fears? What stops me to do that?"
Write it down and make a list.
When you know the causes you can work on those and try to change with little steps toward the main goal.
It's always better to make small steps to reach your goals.
Try to think about yourself after you complete that task. How could you feel?
What if you don't complete it?
Do you feel happy not doing it?

Ask yourself those questions and take actions moved by the feelings resulting from your thoughts.
Good luck!

Josie Anne F.
Just try and complete as many habits as possible in your normal routine, but keep them small. If you’re not feeling exercise, just do a 5 minute stretch or walk. If you’re not feeling cooking a big healthy meal, just snack on some fruit and nuts. Still making the right choices but keeping the actions simple and easy to do! And reward yourself for every little thing you do. Keep your mental self-talk positive, congratulate yourself on what you’re doing, don’t focus on things you haven’t done. But remember how good you’ll feel when you keep the streak going!
Teresa E.
It is best to honor yourself and determine what part of you is “not feeling it”. If it’s your body, drinking water, eating a light breakfast, and doing a little walking is a great start. If it’s your mind or spirit, I feel that you can push through a bit more using foundational goals or challenges to help.
Cassie N.
I think it depends. If I’m under the weather then to rest is the best answer. If I don’t want to wake at my alarm because I’m just too cozy to get out of bed then I need to push myself a lot to get what I need done.
Sultan V.
I think one should listen to his body, it could be that it is already there, you just need to stop and listen. But there may be another case, when you shuld push yourself harder to get the fabulous moment. If it it that case, so don't stop while you have time and energy. If you don't feel energy, and feel yourself exhausted, so don't push yourself too hard. Just a tiny bit more than you think that you can – it's enough.
Kayla P.
It depends on the task and why you dont feel like doing it. It's best to consider those things. Remember showing up or just starting is as if the task is half done because it's the hardest thing to do.
Corentin N.
If you’re not feeling it, don’t push yourself hard! Sometimes I can get into this all or nothing mindset which is self-sabotaging. If I’m not feeling it, I’ll tell myself just try 10 minutes- trying for 10 minutes feels better than nothing at all or pushing youself and burning yourself out. Just try for 5 or 10 minutes when you’re not feeling it and you’ll be proud you did anything at all.
Joel P.
It’s good to push yourself when things are challenging and as much as I want to dive back into my bed. I have something to say and for that I can say it in words or images. If you tell yourself you can’t do it than it goes wrong. If you support yourself it will go well!
Elijah W.
Not too hard to continue to drain myself but even having a small breakfast or a short little stretching session instead of a workout should keep me in a routine
Stacy O.
Not at all! Just do a little bit. Today I didnt feel like doing my 20 min yoga video so I just did a 2 min sun salutation. I celebrated that I actually committed to some exercise and forgave myself for not doing it all. You can't do everything all the time!
Zavion G.
Honestly. Give your self time to think and clear your head. So You can come back at it with a cool head. And then attack it head on and give it everything you got. Cause there’s nothing better to do till your heart stops
Jason N.
Push yourself as small as you can, when everything feels too big and overwhelming. If it is to exercise, then don't run, leave the house just to walk. If it is to write that paper, then don't write a paragraph, just commit to writing a sentence. Once you've left the house for a walk, you'll either realize you can run or at the least happy you've moved your body. Once you write that small sentence, you'll realize you can keep writing or at least write another sentence tomorrow.
Princess P.
Sometimes it is also good to stop if you don't feel like doing stuff, however, you should also think of the things that may implicate you once you choose to stop doing things that you should do. I for one, when I don't feel like doing stuff, I would think of things that can implicate me once I don't do it, if it doesn't have any implications then I rest, I treat it as a reward. If it does have implications, such as "If I don't do my presentations today, I would be scampering about it tomorrow, leading to a lousy presentation, a lousy presentation is equal to a bad grade" then I would push myself to do it, once I'm done with it, then I treat myself to a little rest or a little snack for a job well done.
Natasha S.
You should push that much harder to keep going. It's okay if you arent feeling it, but try and stick to those routines, try and do them anyway because they help give you motivation. And if you really can't do it, and miss a couple of days, don't give up. And don't beat yourself up about it either. Push back and try again, and again, and again, until one day, you dont stop.
You can do this, you have all the tools you need. Now, fight.