What do you eat for breakfast?

Clifton N.
On some mornings I eat simle oatmeal with fruits, on others I get boiled eggs or a simple omelette with some cheese and tomatoes on the side or just grab some fruits on my way out to the car on the mornings when I am late for work.
Nara A.
I usually eat foods that are filling and nutritious. That means omelettes (with veggies), salads with a lot of spinach, and any other kind of healthy food you can think of.
Brett B.
Usually nothing. However for the last two days it been related to eggs and fruit. A veggie/ egg burrito or a banana and protein shake. Ideally it would be a few eggs, a piece of fruit and possibly some granola or nuts.
Adam O.
I normally spend my time eating a banana or apple, as was said in the instruction they are nice and time comvienent when I’m in a rush in replace of the toaster strudel I used to make. When given more time, I like to eat eggs and smoothies.
Emily P.
I make quick oats or eggs usually

Quick oats:
1/4 cup oats
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup almond milk
1 tbsp maple syrup
Sprinkle of salt and cinnamon
Crushed nuts mixed in to taste

Microwave in a bowl for 1:30

Leo J.
I usually eat leftovers from the week nights, but if I do prep breakfast it has been yogurt and some form of fruit or a sandwich. Typically something quick with little to no prep is best for me.
Johanne A.
Hemp seed and banana smoothie with mushroom powder, maca, greens powder, LSA and cinnamon blended with oat milk. Along with Coffee or tea and 1L of water.
Hasso F.
Somethings i eat for breakfast is a slice of wheat bread toast and a sunnyside up egg or I will eat cut up fruit with yogurt.
Ara Jo Z.
I’m vegan so I only eat plant based food, my favourite breakfast (and I have it every morning ) is porridge ,of every kind, with loads of cinnamon, nuts,seeds and fresh fruit. And always a hot drink with it
T Rcio A.
I change the theme each week, otherwise I’d get bored. Last week it was rye grains, oats, dried fruit, nuts and milk. This week it will be a yoghurt based breakfast.
Meike F.
Egg whites and morning star breakfast patties, or turkey bacon, and some fruit. Or a fruit smoothie with some greens in it.
Line Z.
2 Benedict eggs , smoked salmon, green salat with avocado and feta cheese and little piece of cornflake bread with peanut butter. And mint tea.
Valdirene F.
I prefer a green smoothie with vanilla brown rice protein powder or a high calorie chocolate shake during the week. On the weekends, I often have eggs & bacon.
Nanna W.
I started taking ten minutes in the morning to toast an english muffin, fry an egg w non- dairy cheese, I use Daiya prov and top it off with some mayo and nutritional yeast. Its delicious and enough to make me not hungry but not feel grossly full.
Lena E.
For breakfast every day I eat low-fat yogurt with grains, dried fruit and nuts. I started eating this since I was i China last year (was there 5 months) and I began feeling that my body didn’t get the nutrition and heavy food that I was used to, and this was the only kind of breakfast available in the nearest supermarket. Normal people eat it with milk, but I prefer yoghurt it makes the grains less soggy.
Benta A.
Bread and peanut butter, One slice. Bread and butter, one slice.
Boiled chicken, scrambled eggs saute.
Fruit salad, with green apples, black grapes, and strawberries.


Abraham F.
If I am in a hurry, I have a protein shake. Otherwise, my normal breakfast is either oat, Weet-bix, low-fat plain yoghurt or if I up for it coffee, eggs and bread
Mah U.
Anything rich in protein, like meat, cheese, or eggs (or a combination of the above), with a bit of a light, preferably high-fiber carb, like a thin slice of whole wheat bread
Earl O.
I started eating 1 egg a day.. I can do it in the pan and put it on top of a toast. Or with a tortilla.but today I changed and I ate 2 toast with a slice of fresh cheese and marmalade.. eating the same thing everyday is not healthy I suppose so I try to mix. The important thing I think is to be concious while you nourish yourself with breakfast!
Julien S.
Breakfast can be as simple as some fruits and nuts with milk or a bowl of cereals, and can be as complex as a toast, eggs(omelet or poached), fruits, milk, sandwiches (with lots of veggies), curd……or whatever you like, the list is never ending.
Good luck!
Juan R.
Usually eggs, fruit, and maybe some bread. Right now I am limiting carbs so I use a low carb bread and lower sugar fruit. One or two eggs and one slice of bread. About a cup of fruit.
Pedro F.
Low carb oatmeal. Half a handful of oat flakes, a handful of raw cocoa nibs, a handful of blanched almonds, tsp of flax seeds, almond milk, a tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder, some stevia drops for sweetness. I add a tsp of coconut oil for more energy sometimes.
Chia seeds pudding-i make it the night before. I just mix in blueberries with chia and coconut milk and leave it in the fridge overnight. Any fruit works but I'm watching my kilos these days.
Scrambled eggs and avocado.
Spinach, blueberry smoothie with unsweetened almond milk and flax seeds.
Tristan E.
I makes shake with bananas, milk, ice cubes, and shakeology. It's the easiest and most nutritious breakfast I can have without eating eggs, which I hate. I can't wait for my taste buds to change so I can eat eggs and like them.
Irma I.
Typically berries, I especially like blueberries, with coconut yogurt, low-sugar granola, and chia seeds or flax seeds.
Avery Q.
Overnight oats –
1/2 cup oats
1 cup milk or milk substitute
1/2 cup of frozen berries

Combine the above in a bowl or jar and leave it in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, add nuts, cinnamon, and a little sweetener (maple syrup, stevia, etc.) and it's ready to go!

Nica Q.
Feta cheese, dark bread, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil with za’atar/oregano
Avocado, one teaspoon orange marmalade,
Richard T.
I try to keep a variety of options for breakfast. It often will depend on how I’m feeling in the morning, and therefore how much time I leave myself. Sometimes it’s a simple bowl of my favorite cereal, Great Grains with pecans, dates, and raisins (and I add extra raisins) with almond milk. Other times I make myself eggs and toast, or an egg sandwich, or an egg McMuffin type deal that I might just take with me to work. If I’m moving a little slower, it might just be toast with jam, and I’ll take yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit with me to work if I need a little something more. On the weekends I might go crazy with something like cinnamon raisin bread French toast! But I never skip breakfast! It sets the tone for my day, because I get grumpy and unproductive when all I can focus on is my hunger.
Evangelista F.
Rhyebread with butter and avocado, salt and chiliflakes on top. I drink milk or orange juice to that. Sometimes i make an oatmeal porridge. When the porridge gets close to ready I add some frozen blueberries. After plating it I add crushed walnuts, strawberry jam without added sugar, 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and some fresh blueberries. I might add milk on top. That’s it!
Ross J.
Usually grits with cheese and butter. Sometimes an egg white sandwich. I try to eat something that will keep me full until lunch.
Alice Z.
Usually some form of egg with toast. I’m dairy intolerant so I swap normal milk for oat milk in all tea, coffee, cereal I eat or drink as well
Lyam T.
I eat a bowl of raw salad, either fruit or veggie. I am not a cereal person but I try to have whole grain porridge or oats. I also have home made bread with my own home made spreads which vary from plant based butter, tofu scramble, or sunflower seed spread. I do not drink with my meals so I dont have any beverage.
Emily B.
It depends. I use the NHS smart recipes app a lot. This morning was toasted wholemeal bagel with low fat soft cheese with banana and apricot on the top. I have eggs a lot in the morning too.
Wilma E.
Usually in the mornings I will make a protein smoothie. Every couple weeks I buy fresh fruits, cut them up, and store them in the freezer. In the mornings, I put oj in the blender with a handful of frozen fruit, some yogurt and honey, blend it up, then add two scoops of protein powder and blend again. 🙂
Hans Walter R.
I almost never miss my breakfast and I like to prepare a good meal and make enough time for actually eating it. What I usually eat is: avocado/ Omlet / cheese toast / bread with a spread and veggies. I don't usually drink coffee in the morning, or at all, I don't like coffee but I drink mint tea
Thea P.
I eat Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats with banana. I use chocolate peanut powder instead of peanut butter (less fat), chia seeds, cocoa powder, rolled oats, almond milk, maple syrup, and a scoop of plant-based vanilla protein powder. I prepare all the dry ingredients at the beginning of the week, and I add the almond milk and syrup every night and put the jar in the fridge overnight. In the morning, all I have to do is slice the banana and stir it all together. Best thing is it tastes like cocoa pebbles without all the bad stuff! 🤗
Jorge J.
Greek yogurt and berries. Raspberries today usually blueberries. Adds protein and fat to my diet and the strongly coloured berries are great
Heinz Georg X.
I’ve learned that, although I love box cereal, it’s not a good breakfast for me because I’m always hungry within 2 hours.
I try to have something high protein and fiber. Eggs with whole grain toast and berries; steel cut oatmeal with a dash of protein powder and dried fruit; or on days when I just don’t have time, I grab a low sugar protein bar and an apple.
Josip J.
Today is 1st Rajjab, so I'm fastinh today. Ate my sahoor with 2 whole wheat bread with 1 tbsp of JIF peanut butter & 1 tbsp of Anchor spreadable
Candice E.
I like to make soft-boiled eggs w/pepper, and stir fry (in a nonstick pan with just a bit of oil) frozen veggies with some Kelp flakes (for iodine).
Warren Z.
I have two favorites for breakfast. The first one is eggs, turkey bacon some fruit and a piece of toast with water and juice
The second one is raisin bran with a glass of juice and some water.
Caroline P.
I love eating healthy pancakes for breakfast 😋 If you prepare the batter the night before, you can just smash together a delicious pancake meal in just some minutes!
Nicoline C.
Usually my breakfast is one of two things. Either porridge with three egg whites and protein powder, or an omelet with spinach and tomatoes.
Ray U.
When I have time, I’ll make eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast. When I’m running out the door, I’ll grab an apple and a granola bar.
Roger B.
Some days I have oatmeal with cinnamon, nuts, and raisins. Some days I have eggs and bacon with an orange. I somtimes have sugar free French toast.
Olivia Q.
I make home made chilli sauce in big batches. Tomatoes, chilli, capsicum, onion, olive oil, pepper, salt and garlic. I use this to make menemen in the mornings which is a turkish meal. Sort of like scrambled eggs. 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bread with some chilli sauce is heaven.
Gavin C.
For breakfast i have either porridge , plain low-fat yogurt with fruit & granola .
Sometimes a small slice of sourdough bread toasted with a banana.
Adorino F.
I have typically been eating oatmeal, especially before work, but I am trying (as I managed to accomplish today) to add fruits and nuts. Yum!
Cetin F.
I usually eat yogurt with lots of notes, cereals and blueberries
On Saturday and Sunday we prepare for our selves also smashed eggs🍳🍳, avocado🥑, wraps 🌮🌮🍕and fresh orange juice 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🤩
Cord U.
Hi, my breakfast is “important” as I follow a 16:8 Intermittent Fasting habit, so it should be around 600/700 kcal. Usually I eat eggs (two every two days) or peanut butter (100% peanuts without salt or sugar) or ham with veggies and whole grain bread as salt part and rice/coconut milk with granola or similar flakes and one seasonal fruit as sweet part of my breakfast.
Hans Joachim C.
Well i could not have eggs but I just focused on eating a breakfast and do not ignore it. Milk, a local sesame product, bread, honey and a cup of light black tea was my breakfast.
Norah C.
Today I ate rolls, and maybe after will eat some soup or eggs.
Usually I eat coffee with milk, an apple, and couple of biscuits.
Olivia Y.
Easiest thing is the same for all weekday mornings. That way if I'm only half awake 😅, I still have a good breakfast: Multi-Grain Cheerios with healthy granola or grapenuts on top, plus dried cranberries or sliced banana; orange juice; and a hardboiled egg with a bit of salt and pepper (I boil 3 eggs at a time in the evenings and keep them in the fridge, then peel one in the morning and reheat it for 35 seconds on 30% in the microwave). If I'm in a time crunch, I grab a Kind or Clif or Luna Bar to take with me, plus a yogurt for midmorning. I wait on coffee until later because it hypes me up too much if I have it first. A morning qi gong workout (I use David Dorian-Ross's A.M. Chi) when I first get up (especially if the sun is rising) works better than coffee for me anyway, and I am NOT a morning person.
Johan Y.
It depends what I feel like.. sometimes plain oatmeal, sometimes gluten-free bread with plant based butter, sometimes with sliced chicken, sometimes some kind of eggs, and other times leftovers.. but always coffee with a splash of oat milk!
Albert U.
I usually for a fruit since I'm not that hungry, something like a banana. On other days hot oatmeal or cream of wheat hit the spot. On occasion a smoothie if I need an extra boost
Marie Z.
I eat my first meal “breakfast” at 11:30a-12:30p. So it’s typically lunch type foods. Humans and crackers or veggies, a sandwich and chips, or soup.
Anny F.
Today I had eggs beans and rice in a breakfast bar that I made. I am going to make some more breakfast bars with oatmeal and cranberries.
Mitchell Q.
it always contains porridge .
sometimes i add bananas and berries.
i also eat a sandwich with meat for my breakfast.

prefer tea to coffe.

my motto had always been
"eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper"

i am trying to eliminate meat and milk products tho. and be more veg.

what about you?

Louise Z.
I eat oatmeal with fruit and flaxseed, almost every day. On special days, probably once a week or so, I get treated by my partner to bacon on the side. But it’s almost always oatmeal. It is nutritious, fiber-full, and filling. Other benefits are it is quick, cheap, and easy.
Sandra P.
Anything we have, whether if it’s sugary or healthy. It’s too wasteful to throw out anything we have that’s unhealthy, I just won’t buy that stuff as often.
Carl C.
Macadamia nuts. They have all the macronutrients. The fat is good for the brain. It is vegan. And they have iron, calcium and potassium.
Jonathan P.
I eat a squeezable baby food and a cup of coffee with a scoop of gelatin in it for protein. Then I work out, followed by 2 hard boiled eggs at the office.
Elliot Y.
Typically an Rx bar or boiled eggs and fruit. Something that doesn’t take long to prepare and that I can eat on the go.
Marie F.
On weekdays, I have a home made, green smoothie which I take to work and have at about 10.00am. A handful of fresh spinach leaves, ice from the glass of water I just drunk, an avocado, Vega chocolate protein powder and ground seeds and almond milk – blend and put in a drink carrier. Delicious and I look forward to it. At weekends I eat with my husband – usually boiled eggs a bit if bacon and up to two slices of low carb toast spread with proper butter. Also delicious.
Jean Y.
I usually start with tea and fruit while I make my kid's breakfast and get them ready for school. When I get home I pretty much make one of three breakfasts. 1) Eggs in toast- egg cooked inside toast, additional egg on the side.
2) Oatmeal-I like to add berries, nuts, seeds, fruit, cinnamon, peanut butter..so on and so forth..whatever I have..Sometimes I sweeten it with honey, usually the fruit is sweet enough.
3) Yogurt- plain greek yogurt is my favorite. Like oatmeal, I add nuts, seeds, berries and sometimes granola.
Beverly P.
I almost always make an egg for breakfast, usually. Quick omelette with ham and cheese. Or sometimes just a fried egg with cheese. Most of the time I go without bread, but sometimes I add a piece of toast into the mix for a treat.
N Ger T.
Special K cereal with blueberries and almond milk. Sometimes I have a poached egg and avocado or a large banana with cashew butter.
Jonas E.
If I’m in a rush then weetabix (no sugar) with oat milk, if i have more time scrambled eggs with veg (spinach/mushrooms) on toast (brown bread)
Frida C.
I eat a really nice nutritious breakfast!
Bio Oats with hemp protein, 1 sp of honey, 1 sp of cassious butter combined in a bowl with oat milk!
Liam T.
A breakfast bowl, with a carb, eggs, and spices. Most frequently it's grits with eggs, cheese, and hot sauce. Sometimes scrambled eggs or migas, sometimes hash browns and eggs and gravy, sometimes a savory oatmeal.
Barb G.
I’ve been eating steel cut oatmeal with berries (fresh or frozen) and slivered almonds. Another go-to is frittata with something green, like spinach or asparagus.
Oscar T.
Quick Oats!

Toppings I used today were strawberries, pepitas, and walnuts! Forgot the cinnamon though. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Ava Z.
I usually eat something like a homemade sandwich full of green vegetables and a bit of ham , but I also eat double poached egg
Alexandra T.
I usually have a smoothie. I include berries and greens along with collagen peptides, turmeric, mushroom powder and ground flax seeds.
Daniel Z.
Usually I use coconut oil and throw in a cup + of spinach in a pan, once those have wilted/softened a bit I scramble some eggs and either black beans or chick peas. If I have a small tortilla I eat it in that, or plain. I also usually have a cup of frozen berries on the side (or an apple if I am rushing out the door)
Judith P.
It depend…some days I have a "fabulous" breakfast (with eggs, banana etc) but other days I need something light; so I prefer have a breakfast with tea and no sugar biscuit or yogurt and cereals.
Ps: Here in Italy we are not used to eat eggs, avocado etc at the morning😌
Aurore E.
it varies, but generally speaking, i eat kodiak cakes blueberry protein muffin mix, protein pancakes, a simple mass gainer smoothie, sometimes two eggs and some turkey bacon or toast, then sometimes oatmeal. it varies on my mood, but protein smoothies are the easiest and most consistent for sure. now, though, i have the blueberry muffins made, so i just put a lil lemon curd on them and call it good 🙂
Peggy R.
I always have lean protein with a complex carb and sometimes a healthy fat. For example, one of my favorite breakfasts is a thin slice of Dave’s killer bread toasted with a quarter avocado mashed and seasoned on top and topped with a poached egg. Or sometimes I’ll have fat free plain Greek yogurt with stevia and fruit.
Francis P.
It depends on the day. This morning I ate oatmeal with milk and a mandarin on the side. A few days ago I ate cooked eggs, avocado and cucumber with fruit on the side. And sometimes I eat very unhealthy, mostly when I drank the night before.
Marcus J.
It varies. Sometimes, I eat Irish steel cut oatmeal with dried blueberries, cranberries and apricots served with milk.
Other mornings, it could be scrambled eggs with spinach and red bell peppers and other seasonings with a side of slab bacon.
If I feel like saving calories, I have a cup on plain, non-fat yogurt with thawed frozen mixed berries or tropical fruit topped with flax seeds and sweetened with Stevia.
Maja C.
In winter I like to have yams cooked with cinnamon and raisins, and I add some warm rice milk and chopped nuts on top 😋 I also like soft boiled egg on toast, or cooked oat bran cereal with nuts and rice milk. Hope this helps!
Lucas E.
A blend of protein, fruit, and good fat (avocados, almonds, sweet potatoes, omega 3) to create the best sustainable energy I can build by creating complex carbs. Protein is not only found in meat. I do eat meat I just only eat it in moderation.
Alexa T.
I usually eat something quick to prepare, or something I can bring to work and eat later. Raisin Bran if I have time to eat at home, banana if I need to eat in the car, yogurt if there’s no more banana – I can eat the yogurt at work.
Herbert U.
It varies. Oatmeal with yogurt, chia, nuts, protein powder, seeds, etc. Eggs, scrambled hard boiled, or fried, with toasted rye bread. Cheese sandwich on rye with lots of vegetables. Decaf esspresso.
Darryl Z.
I have an egg, either boiled, poached, or scrambled, every morning. For variety, I will have either oatmeal or grits, and fruit. Bananas, oranges, or berries are my favorite fruits.
Rayan E.
I like to have soft scrambled eggs with a spoonful of pesto, half an avocado, some yellow bell pepper, sautéed spinach, a slice of whole wheat toast with butter and an americano with a splash of cream. It’s a lot of food but it gives me lots of energy for the morning!
Isabela P.
For now it's just a sandwich. Ik want to eat more and a more diverse diet, but I'm not hungry enough yet in the morning.
Randall T.
Oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries or avocado toast with egg are two of my favorite breakfasts.
I am doing some research on smoothies to make sure I get enough protein and nutrients.
Ted E.
I eat mostly bread and something, such as cheese, eggs, ham. Sometimes ham and cheese. Very often bread and just plain olive oil.
Then I have some fruit, which is usually a banana.
I always drink coffe, black, no sugar. Rather strong.
Very often I drink a smoothie: my favorite is avocado and milk. In this case, I like it sweet. I don’t use white sugar. Instead I use brown sugar or rapadura (which is basically sugar cane juice boiled until it thickens and becomes solid.
I guess it’s a Brazilian thing.
I’m Brazilian by the way.
Hopes this has been of any help 🙂
Rom O W.
I usually eat some bread with butter. I sometimes add jam to it. I always drink a cup of tea and I try to eat a fruit every morning.
Ewald E.
I usually don’t have a lot of time for breakfast, so I eat a hard boiled egg. It’s simple, but it really helps me through the day!
Luna Z.
I've been experimenting with oats but haven't found the right combo yet. I think I am satisfied most by eating eggs. From a hard boiled one on the run to yesterday's fried mushrooms and wilted spinach on a plain egg omelette – they really hit the spot.
Joseph P.
I change it up. Most days I eat oatmeal with half an apple done walnuts and a dollop of natural yogurt. Other days oatmea with same except I have blueberries and almonds instead. I also eat poached eggs with brown toast with maybe some avocado or spinach 🙂
Amber U.
It depends on my mood. I could have granola and yogurt some days, coffee or tea and a sandwich, oatmeal with fruits and honey, smoothies.
Rebeca C.
No sugar cereals (mostly oat), 3 fruit pieces, oat milk, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), some raisins or dates and some berries. Then a slice of wholemeal bread with avocado, one egg omelette and some smoked salmon. Yummy! But take your time the night before to prepare some things!
Elizabeth Z.
Onions mushrooms spinach sautéed in a pan with eggs. Occasionally put bacon or ham. Today I paired it with sweet potato.
Gregor Y.
Wholegrain toast or sandwich with one of the following:
– Smoked ham (when I'm in a rush, lazy or both)
– smoked salmon with avocado and salad leafs
– peanut butter with banana slices and pure cocoa chips
– almond butter with apple slices and grounded cinnamom
If I'm out of time just a piece of fruit and a cereal bar
If I have time and more appetite, porridge with nuts or fruit (it's one of my lazy options for dinner too :P)
Gary R.
I eat different sorts of breakfasts. Indian bread (say, chapati) is quite common, eaten with vegetables or varied pulses. Some days I eat pancakes (dosa) and steamed rice cakes (idli), both of which are made of fermented batter, and eaten with dips. A few different varieties of rice are cooked and garnished (say, upma or avalakki). All of the above mentioned foods are classic South Indian dishes. Apart from these, on some mornings I treat myself with noodles, pasta, sandwiches and a few other local savouries.
Marie S.
I have an egg bite (egg with cheese), an apple and water. Sometimes when I arrive at work I will have tea and another piece of fruit.