How do you stay motivated to exercise when it takes so long to see results?

Madeleine B.
Honestly, I don't necessarily think it has to take that long to see some sort of result, you just need to know what to look out for! I've been doing a 30 day yoga journey, I'm now on day 19 and I can already see so much has changed since I started! I can hold poses deeper and longer than I could on the first day. I could start telling I was becoming stronger and more flexible in probably less than a week!
Amanda Q.
It dosen't take long to see the results, you can feel it in our breathing type, your energy and the way you act in confident later on… it's not only about muscles
Mafer G.
I sometimes do exercises to forget everything even the idea of the body I want to have. I just have fun and in weeks I surprise myself with the results, even small ones.
Caroline Y.
It depends what kind of result your talking about. If your expectations of results are unrealistic then it will take a long time to get there and you’re gonna get discouraged. I personally have just started doing the exercising for 7 mins in the morning and I see results right away and it’s only been three days. but that’s because I don’t get to ahead of myself and appreciate every moment. I feel myself more energized, I have better posture,I digest better, and I’m happier. Those are not extravagant visible physical changes but they are the song that there has been a movement.
Thaty F.
If you had started it 3 months ago, you would be seeing the results today, the thing is, you can't go back in time, so if you want any results at all, you need to be strong for the next months.
Lisa S.
It's very hard to stay motivated – and in winter when it's cold and wet. For me, the results are quite quick as it's the peace of mind and happy endorphins that I need from exercise – it's important to push yourself enough so you feel the quick benefit of those. I also have added exercise into my daily routine e.g. cycling to work so that I have more incentive to get on that bike! Saves me time, money and resting my head in someone's arm pit crushed on a train!
Logan T.
I am nit looking for the same results as others
I’m looking to stat lumber as I have multiple autoimmune diseases
They will hamper your joints, skin, organs and so on. I don’t want to end up in a wheel chair. This is my motivation.
I wish you well on your journey
Gigi N.
I really don’t know. I’m really not that good at getting up for the gym. I am still working on getting up in the first place. I feel like as long as I can get up and attempt to be a human, that means I can attempt to workout. It is successful sometimes and not successful other times.
Albina Q.
Change your perspective. I promise you’ll never be Perfectly happy with how your body looks. No matter the size. That’s human nature. Sure it’s some consolation to lose weight, but the weight and size isn’t everything. Learn a skill. Learn to box or dance or rock climb. Try Pilates or yoga. Pick a difficult move you want to master. Focus on this goal. Take a friend. It makes more different that you can imagine. Your body WILL change if you persevere. Paired with the right nutrition it will grow leaner and stronger.
Dave T.
Enjoy the exercise! If you like doing the activity, then getting some future result becomes a bonus. And not the sole reason for doing it.
Karen E.
My best answer to this is I always try to stop myself from seeing results and try to focus more on feeling them. Trying to see my results has lead me down to very negative self hate paths that have only ever discouraged me more when trying to keep up with a habit. Focusing on feeling the results is rewarding every day. I found my day to say activities in general just a bit physically easier as my body grows stronger and I get a better nights sleep.
Achmad N.
Rahasia saya adalah adanya sosok figure yang saya ingin sama sepertinya yang berdampak pada motivasi saya untuk tidak ingin menyia-nyiakan waktu lebih lama lagi, saya ingin seperti dia secepat mungkin. Dan menerima bahwa exercise itu olahraga yang melelahkan namun memiliki lots of advantage. Serta ingat quotes bahwa perahu yang megah tidak dibuat dalam waktu satu hari
Roo G.
What it makes it doable is when the journey is enjoyable! So you find yourself looking forward next training session.
For example, my gym workout session is enjoyable. I like going and training in the gym. Because the environment is awesome and gives a lot of motivation and inspiration. Same goes for my TKD training with my teacher. I enjoy it. I never focused about getting ripped. I never focused on getting my 360° back kick. I just enjoyed the moment.
Meanwhile my stretching sessions are pretty boring. I do them night time before sleep. I only did it twice and the rest was skipped. And I always tend to focus on "when will I get my full splits?!".
In my opinion, that's why. You might try find a better environment and a fun enjoyable way for you.