What are other toning routines you do at your house?

Vedanshi Z.
I do many things at home such as Meditation, Exercise, Yoga, communicating to myself, building the self esteem, controlling anger, being happy with the family 👪 ,eating breakfast on time and also taking care of my elder ones
Laura N.
If by toning you mean physical exercise, I love this program called P. Volve. Some of the equipment is expensive (you can sub more affordable options) and then the monthly streaming service is only 19.99 a month. Not only is P. Volve great for lengthening and toning, but it is almost like doing physical therapy at the same time. It really helps to straighten posture and balance muscles out. I feel so much stronger all over (especially in my core), and the workouts are virtually zero impact for your joints. Hope this helps!
Cynthia N.
I don’t do toning routines at my house. I always go to the gym. I run 1 mile for a warm up, do. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, and stretch. When I am at my desired weigh and want to tone I will use dumbbells and do light weight lifting. I used to have dumbbells at home to do this.
Benjamin Q.
I drink some hot coco, i realx for a bit, i calm my self by dancing i really love to dance it keeps me motivtated and calm
Elizabeth O.
Lately I have been doing 30 minute aerobic workouts I find on youtube (they get your heart rate to max right away!) And I do strength yoga! Today I am going to try belly dancing, which I did last summer, and it had me feeling REALLY good about my body.
Annleegolf F.
I like to dance. We only have a TV on to play music. I cook a lot. Counter push ups are easy and fun! You can get pretty creative in the kitchen. Anytime you have to go to the bathroom do walking lunges. Get creative and have fun!
Silviano E.
I like to bring all the items/tools I need together so that it is easier for me to complete my tasks. This saves time and lessens my stresses because I don't need to search for anything and can focus on the task at hand.
Gertrude S.
If I’m being totally honest with myself and you, I can do a lot more. I’m going for a run a day but I know it’s not enough to make a difference. I think if I start taking part in workouts in the house then I will see an improvement each day.
دُعاء | Douae 🧚🏻‍♀️ N.
Hmmmm truly befor i didn't do anything , i just wake up and starting a new day , without motivation or any thing , but now i feel better , thank u for asking ♡
Ro E.
I do yoga daily and each month I create a stretch/position challenge to focus on each day also. Last month it was the middle spilt