How do you keep going?

Edenira C.
I keep going because I always remind myself that how my life will be if I continue doing these habits,and I think that I should try to be better if I really want to male change in this world and Alway rememt that your dream deserves to be tired
Marie C.
I remind myself of all the times I gave up on trying to be healthier, mind and body. If I hadn't quit so many times before, for years, who knows how much healthier and better I'd feel by now. So I go on to attain that for my future self.
Gabriela H.
Sometimes I don’t. There are days I mess up and can’t get out of bed in time to do my morning ritual or that I’m so exhausted that I forget to do my nighttime ritual. However, the key is to get back to it the next day regardless of a misstep. I remind myself how important these little things are for my daily experience in life – how much they impact me and those around me – and I start again.
Maureen G.
threeI take it day by day and look at this like a process. Each day I do my best to follow my morning, afternoon, and evening routines. When I started, because this was new, hitting even one task in my routine was great. I kept telling myself “this is a process, Rome was not built in a day!” Each day I kept focusing on one piece of the routine and then once I got that down I’d add another. Now, I have a few pieces in each routine down, but I won’t lie, it’s not perfect. Are there days when I miss a piece of the routines? Sure! But as I said it is a process, a marathon, not a sprint. Keep believing you can and you will.
Prado S.
For me,I focus on doing these small things. I do not worry about what is coming next, just do the habits I have already started. Little by little I will be changing as I get these routines into my life. It is hard sometimes when my schedule changes are I am traveling, in fact, the hardest thing for me is to be doing this at the same time every day when the prompts happen. But I know if I do in these little things I will become a better me!
Susan U.
By trying to understand why I stop and then restarting.
I have built a long standing habit of quitting or not following through. Instead of choosing to feel bad about it, I have built a new habit of restarting. After some reflection, i realize I quit when life gets hectic and my mind and body are just wanting to rest. After reflection, I realized that it is necessary to take a short break or rest to be able to come back strong.
Over time the habit of reflection and restarting has taken hold and I am ale to get back on track quicker… Almost as if I never stopped.
It is also helpful to set some sort term goals that fuel my desire to achieve bigger goals as I achieve the small ones.

Betty F.
Keep thinking of the future outcome along with living in the present. It's easy to give up, but I dont like to give up. Take a little break. Take a deep breath. Then keep going
Ces Rio Q.
I change intensity based off what is happening. I don’t tell myself “all or nothing” but “just keep moving.” If I don’t run fast one day, I run a slower pace. If I don’t run a slower pace, I walk. If I can’t run 5 miles because of work or something, I run 2 instead. Just stay in the positive habit! Don’t do nothing.
Mateus S.
Try not to think much about it. Every time that a bad thought crosses my mind I ignore it and replace it with a good thought that gives me reason to keep going. Then I repeat that thought like a mantra so that the unmotivated thoughts will stay away.
Waldtraut N.
Visualize yourself in a year's time. If procrastination hits, think of discipline, think of it as fighting back. Always remember how good you feel after completing your tasks
N Dege P.
By starting small and going slow. If you make even the littlest goal, like one minute just get moving exercise, you know you can do it. Once you do, you are moving forward. Now that you’re moving forward you also have momentum going for you. The next week, for example, do the one minute workout twice. And so on. You can do it. Even the smallest step can produce change. Two minutes is better than nothing and it really gets you energized!
Daryl Z.
I feel great! I didn't think about giving up not even for a second. My mood became just marvelous and my efficiency grew a lot.
Astrid W.
I remind myself that there are people out there who love me and want to see me succeed. These are the people who will influence my life the most positively if I choose to focus on them rather than my haters. I’ve wanted to quit an infinite amount of times, but I remind myself that I am here for a reason.
Harri X.
In the past this has been very hard for me. But, on this journey I’ve been taking everything day by day. I don’t think about the exercise I will do tomorrow, or even think about the fact that there will be a tomorrow giving me an excuse to put off today’s work.
Martin G.
As long as I have the time I drink water when I wake up. I exercise for 8 minutes by dancing. I eat after I get dressed because I’m hungry by then.
Krin C.
Make sure to make the habits as fun as you can! I always do exercise I like doing and for healthy breakfast I make something I like to eat :). Make it fun, stick to it for a while and it will become automatic.
Al Pio S.
I try to remember it’s good for me. It’s challenging for me to remember the things I need to do and to maintain my habits so each day is a success.
Villads W.
I am able to stay consistent by not wanting to break my streak. If I can do it once I can do it again. Also, even if the time has passed on my alarm to start. I know that it better to get to it late than never. However, my goal is to be complete my routine closer to the scheduled alarm as possible. That way it’s out the way and I can continue on with other tasks.
Aci S.
Ugh, it's hard but think about your goal and ask yourself : Am I really so worthless that I can't even complete a routine ? He'll no.
Henry P.
You focus on it day by day. Everyday you make a compromise to complete your habits and you make an effort to complete them.
Lino Q.
working out is tough believe me, if you workout one day, you'll feel tired the next day and you will think that "I'll do it tomorrow"and procrastinate but it's essential that you maintain a streak and follow a fixed routine everyday. if you don't feel motivated enough, think about the benefits (how you'll become stronger, ripped etc)
Ana Lle S.
the vivid dream or picture of what I want to achieve, and knowing that the "tasks" that I've set up for myself I've planned for good reasons; for well-being that is, and also for enyoyment. So to not see the "tasks" as boring tasks but enjoyable things that will lead one feeling great afterwards (and also during). The memories of how I've felt previous when completing similar tasks is also a good (or great actually) tool to use!

I truly wish you the best of luck, and know that you have it in you to succeed!

ps. It is also ok not to do all the things one set out to do. it is truly important to not be too hard on oneself 🤗

with Love