Do you have any suggestion on what kind of exercise can be done when you do not have enough time and space at home?

Isla Z.
I love vinyasa yoga! All you need is floor space (bedroom floor, balcony) try Ashton august for a super quick 5 minute yogi session

El A N.
Pamela Reif has some great YouTube workout videos, all of them could be done at home and you do not need an equipment at all. These videos are short but pretty affective😌

Belis Rio C.
When I want to check off "Excercise" but I truly have NO time that day, I use the Fabulous 1-minute excercise! You can complete all the excercises right next to your bed, which is perfect if you're short on space. If you want to *really* feel like you've worked out, though, try the 7-minute daily excercise instead! It's high intensity and also doesn't require any equipment or space— just a wall and a chair nearby!

Dennis F.
I love doing seven minute workouts because I can do it right in my room even though it is tiny and it takes less than ten minutes

Brett C.
Exercise which you can do with less time and space is rotating your eyes because it will make your eyes to see better and also if you've pain in eyes, it will help you. It will give you peace and also it will be good for increasing your eyesight.