How long should I run each day?

Jo O F.
This depend on how much you can go. A person who can go a mile has the caliber to go 2 miles and so on. Happy exercising, happy life !!!
Melvin H.
Before a good run, you want to always warm up, get those muscles you’re about to use ready to handle a good strain. I would always jog with moments to rest, but also: maybe do tiny sprints between jogging and walking or resting, unless you’re ready for a full sprint. I would only run in close proximity & at least until the point of failure. Once you realize your breathing behinds to become too heavy, or any part in your body begins to create PAIN: you must STOP. “No pain-no gain” is just a myth. Focus on your timing, trying to extend it as far as you can (even if it’s just jogging or walking) it’s better to get your form & body accustomed to running, instead of trying to be the next fastest person. Work on how long you can run without feeling any burn out. Focus on the way you stride and place your arms. Search up better ways to run, and that will make you best. It’s better to run longer, than it is to run the fastest, for a short period of time.