I do my nighttime rituals but I’m still not tired. Can you help motivate me to sleep?

Sheikh N.
You don't have to be tired to sleep you have to be sleepy to sleep. So I suggest foing some nighttime meditation and hearing some stories may help. And don't eat too much before sleep and atleast have dinner 1hr or 30 muinites before sleeping. Don't move much before sleeping.and just lay down in your bed and close your eyes don't move breath and you'll see you'll sleep
Olav E.
well, you can try to wash your face with warm water at night, as that may relax you (it doesnt work for everyone, but its worth a try). maybe drink some warm milk or do something relaxing like meditating or reading a book; try to turn in for the night. of course, not everyone has a nightly ritual they need to do every night, so putting some comfortable clothes on and hitting the hay may just work for you.