Where do you usually excercise? I share a dorm with someone and sometimes I feel uncomfortable excercising in front of others. How would you cope with that ?

Filino A.
I can relate to this feeling a lot! I started with running which felt very uncomfortable at first when people saw, but I pushed through and now exercising in front of others feels more natural. So maybe start with something a bit easier, or plan your days around the time your roommate is out? Remember exercising and taking care of yourself is something beautiful to be proud of!
Sharon Z.
That's completely understandable. I struggled with it as well! The thing that helped was finding a way to get my private space. Maybe try negotiating with your room mate about giving you some privacy at a certain time every day. Setting boundaries can be healthy. Worst case scenario, I would join the nearest gym. They may have spaces you can have all to yourself, especially really early mornings or non-peak hours.
All the best!