How can I learn to bring a lunch box to work?

Maria O.
Try making it the night before, so you can avoid being to sleepy or lacking any lunch meal ideas in the morning. Also, you should start bringing something easy to cook, like some sandwiches and a salad on the side. Gradually you can incorporate more meals, even more harder ones. Also, you can get inspired by your co-workers' lunch boxes: you can ask them where did they find the ingredients, how did they cook the meal etc. It can get really fun and exciting 😀
Abby K.
Pack your lunch in a lunchbox, it’s pretty obvious duh🙄 and if u wanna make it a habit make something that will make u put it in lunchbox it’s simple
Jen E.
Prepare your meal ahead of time. For me, I prepare them at night so as not to compromise with my sleep in the morning. I prepare the bag, cutlery, and even the napkin I would be using during my meal. I set a reminder a few minutes before I leave the house so I can remember to pick up the bag before I go. I always forget to bring my lunch even after doing all the prep, because I am not used to bringing lunch to work. I have to train my mind and add this to mu routine so my body will get used to it as it becomes a habit. I hope this helps. 😄
Felicia C.
You have to think ahead, pack the lunch the night before. If you need, set an alarm on your phone a few minutes before you’d normally leave with a reminder “Take lunchbox”. If you don’t start by planning your meals and making them ahead of time, you’re setting yourself up to fail.
Margaret U.
It doesn't need to be one lunch box. It can be bags or tupperware containers. The key is to make all the meals at once, stash them in your fridge and take one with you everyday. There are meal prep websites and communities on reddit to help meal plan.
Franca C.
I learned how to keep myself organized by preparing my meal the day before, usually after dinner.
In this way, in the morning, I just have to open the fridge and take it to work. I also use a nice bag that makes me very happy just seeing it! Now, go and bring your lunch! You'll save money and eat better!
Arist Teles P.
You could purchase a colorful lunch box to place on your table before you leave for work, as a way to attract your attention. Also planning ahead or prepping your lunch tomorrow helps too.
Vickie G.
Make it easy to bring lunch. Incentivise by buying a new lunch box! I find it helpful to do big batch of food on the weekend and just spread it during the week for lunch, or freeze some of it in case I don't feel like cooking that week I still have something. Keep some ready instant healthy food is helpful too, eg can soup, tuna cans. Also, if you keep a carb choice at work, eg vermecelli, cous cous, something that cooks by just got water, you just have to bring the meat or veggie components, and they can even be fish fingers or some Frankfurt's, or a salad bag to mix it in!
Jason N.
Leave yourself a note for the next day, somewhere you'll see it. Better yet, multiple notes. A sticky note on your bathroom mirror, on the kitchen tap, or the front door before you leave the house. Another idea, make your lunch the night before (instead of the morning) put your breakfast behind it in the fridge so you have to take the lunch out.
Abby S.
I know I will feel better when I am finished. Sometimes I think about a reward—drinking my V8 fruit drink. Earring breakfast. But really, I know I will fell better afterward.
Kl Ra Z.
You should cook for yourself the day before. It does not matter how it is going to look like, it should be quick and tasty.
Valdemar Q.
Consider packing your lunch the night befor. after that, set a reminder on your phone or leave a note for yourself to grab your lunch out of the refrigerator before you leave for work.
Alex U.
Meal prep for the week on an evening that is fairly free for you. Pack your favorites or make a large batch of a couple dishes and split them up over the week. You’ll save money and time every day since you won’t have to purchase a takeout lunch or get the lunch to you!
Kavya N.
First of all ,its a difficult task to daily prep for lunch before going to work .What i do is prepping for a week so that it just take less than 5 mins to cook lunch before going to work.The habit of taking lunch to work will make you away from those street food calls.So it is a healthy way of having a meal prepped by your own hand.Beleive me after a week of daily doing this u will start feeling proud of yourself