I can’t understand which plan is better. I don’t like to exercise before breakfast. And can’t do it before cleaning teeth and washing my face. So I start the day with the glass of water, then go to the bath, then always clean the kitchen and start to prepare breakfast and by the time the breakfast is ready I start to do my exercise. So I cannot eat with my daughter. And by the time I finish the exercise my daughter finishing her breakfast and my breakfast is not more about the food but about interrupting only. What should I do?

Joann E.
Start the day with drinking water, don't go to the bath yet. Go wash your face and brush some teeth, and then try to warm up by doing some exercises–it's either light exercise or your ordinary exercise–go for a 5-min walk or dance a little. And then, celebrate yourself and go take a bath when you're sweaty and hot. And then prepare your breakfast, eat with your daughter.

Christopher E.
hi there! i see you have a troubling factor. you don’t like to workout before breakfast or before practicing hygiene activities. i understand completely! one simple way can be getting up earlier, but that would be an average answer. one idea of mine is that you could try working out in the evening, or perhaps you could have your daughter come sit wherever you’re working and talk to her while she’s eating. those would be some ways, but i do understand that those two don’t work for everyone. i’m so sorry, i don’t have a specific solution. feel free to reach out again for ideas/brainstorming solutions. — 🙂

Veronica O.
I understand how difficult this routine of yours might feel like. I would try and get up at an earlier time! You can start the day like normally & by getting up earlier, it gives you the time to finish your exercise and still have the treasured time with your daughter. Give it some thought and a try and see if that works out 🙂 Trying something new can help !

Serge X.
You wake up in the morning. That means wake up earlier than usual. Make it a habit. Wake up and drink a glass of water. Then you have a small snack for breakfast. Then exercise. After that take a bath and prepare breakfast for your family. Then you will have time to eat with your daughter