Is it good to shower every time you work out?

Afina F.
Taking a shower after work out is so much better. You would feel more refresh after doing things that makes you feel challange. After do the work out, you reduce your tensed and increase your relaxation.
Marta P.
I think that that's depends on each person daily schedule.
Personally what I do is do shower always after a workout, however if I already showered the day before I don't want to damage my hair, so I'll put it in a bun and use dry shampoo so it looks good.
But I would say that it depends on each person schedule and even preferences, because you might wash your hair every day and it's good for you! You just need to find your own balance.
Lina F.
I don't know if it's good. It depends on how you feel like. To my mind if you work out for a short time I the morning it's not necessary cos you don't get sweat. But if it makes you feel better during the day then have a go.
Coline O.
Yes, because it's the end of the workout ritual, makes me feel accomplished! Also, I don't walk around all sweaty and smelly. So shower after workout is essential not only for hygienic reasons but also to relax, end the ritual and feel accomplished.
Daniel Y.
Yes! A cold shower specifically is better because it stimulates the nervous system and wakes up the mind. Also you feel fresh and clean during the day.
Mois S P.
I would say if you are going to do more activities afterwards that get you to sweat or if you didn’t really break a sweat then no. Bringing down that water bill and not stripping yourself dry of oils is important!
Kaiya N.
I think that it’s really great to shower after working out, especially if you have something after where you want or need to feel clean and fresh. For example, if you’re going to focus after working out, and shower is a good break, as it refreshes you and prepares you for the next task.
Miss N.
Personally, it depends. If you were doing a high intensity workout and you’re sweating, I would suggest taking a shower. If you’re doing a small, quick workout that doesn’t cause you to sweat much, I would suggest just washing your face and that’s all. If sweat gets into your pores, it can cause acne. I would wash your face or splash some water on your face after a workout regardless of what type of workout you did just in case you sweat. I hope this helps, and I hope you have a lovely day!😄
Samantha P.
No. Although if your work outs are more intense and you really work up a sweat then that is a different story. A shower after a workout is refreshing and I recommend it if you are doing those intense workouts. The issue with the shower after every work out is you might look at knocking exercise out of your routine because you don't have time to take that shower. If doing a low intensity work out in the morning like I have been doing a shower is not really needed. I just got my blood pumping to better start my day and it helps me stay motivated. Also if you do work outs everyday and taking more showers a week because of it that could be effecting your healthy skin too much showers have proven to be bad for some people. Everyone is different. In conclusion just don't attach the shower to working out because you can still work out and not have to take a shower