How can I feel not so tired in the morning?

Mareen U.
Actually i feel tired, because i aware, i have a commitment, it will be easy and light, if i have willpower and build the habit. Although, the first so heavy. I have to force myself.
Nouf O.
My biggest tip is:Sleep early …and when you wake up don’t open your iPhone “social media “in general get up & make your bed .pray ,give you self some self love And read some motivational you skin care cold water wakes me up .if your a coffee lover I definitely recommend to drink some ,but I’m not a coffee person so I love to drink ice water . It energizes me & if you feel like it . I recommend to do workouts the moment you get up or some yoga and stretching and having early showers is very refreshing and It is a very good way to start your day
Vanessa B.
First of all go to bed early, I think we need 8.30 hours for feeling truly relaxed. Second of all, do some stretching, so the body can be energized. And last, begin the day with one cup of coffee and something you love.
Baldur S.
I can wake up with the mindset that today will be a great day! I can also wake up knowing that everything I'm doing is to benefit me and my future 🙂
Zakiyah E.
You should definitely try getting a good night's sleep. At least six hrs. Stretch before you get off your bed. Drink water as soon as you get up. Set goals that would help inspire you get up and get at it. All of these things have helped me to feel less tired anc more motivated during the day
Marta P.
In my point of view it can be from different reasons.
First of all it can be because of your sleep, however your sleep on its own is conditioned by other factors such as stress, anxiety, overthinking, etc.
If that is the case the best is right before you go to bed you should reflect on everything that is worrying you and accepting it, finding ways to solve it on the next day so when you go to sleep your mind is more at peace.
Other motives can me under eating or too much exercise (if you're just sore after a hard workout that's normal and good meaning you truly worked your body not the case I'm referring to. Just make sure to do a good stretch and eat what your body needs) because your body doesn't have the nutrients it needs and it's weak on its own which will make you tired in the morning. Make sure to properly eat all the nutrients your body needs and rest your body when you feel like you need it. It's ok to skip on workout or to eat a sweet during a week if you are craving it.
Treat yourself the best you can and your mornings will be better.
Coco J.
By having something exciting to look forward to (breakfast, sunrise or coffee) being late, or having a routine that you need to get done that might have others rely on you (early morning group workouts, events, meetings or group breakfasts)
Gertraude Z.
Drink water. It is one of the best ways I've found to wake up is to a glass of water. It helps to get your eyes open and be a task that gets your body moving before your even out of bed.