I often can’t do the “beginner exercises” which is really discouraging… like dang if I can’t do the ones made for people who can’t do the rest what am I?? So, is there a training app or website that offers smaller steps to get to your average work out levels?

Chantal A.
I feel like you a lot of the time. I'm just very inflexible and unfit. Although I try my best to do the exercises, i get that it can be discouraging, but if you keep persisting you will be able to do it some day. I live in the Netherlands and we have a program on TV that is mostly for elderly but they have really low key exercises that are easy to do and a great help for people like us. Maybe they have it in your country too or you could look up Nederland in beweging. You might not understand it but you could just mimic the exercises. Good luck ❤
Enrique N.
Every day I workout by following along with Blogilates videos on Youtube. On her channel, Cassie has several videos posted for beginners just getting started, and a month workout plan for beginners as well. If you go to the Blogilates website you can find this monthly calendar along with other challenges and workouts, recipes, habit trackers, and more. She’s really awesome and I highly recommend checking out her channel and some of her workouts.
Harvey E.
What I would recommend is not focus on a program but more so doing something that you like to do. Whatever you decide to do whether its swimming, running, or even just dancing, you will be more inspired to go through the harder things after seeing yourself grow at your main exercise.
Gail B.
There are many resources out there. I am starting over, so I stretch or do modified exercises for 8 minutes. When they get ready, I will go up to 10 or 15. There are
Exercise apps for specific needs, beach body is $10/mth right now on Roku. Do what you can, just move, work up from there.
Leslie N.
I agree that I never found an app with absolute beginner steps. When I got into exercising, I took circuit training exercises as a group. In there, we all did the same exercises but in different forms. For example, if you can’t do a burpee, just do a squat and then raise your hands at the end instead of the jump. If you can’t do a push-up, do one against a wall and then maybe a table, a chair, etc. if you can’t do jumping lunges, step from one side to the other.
The point is to just move, and you will noticeably get stronger and be able to advance.
I wish I could offer an app that covers this but I hope you can take any app and listen to your body that if you can’t do that exercise, you can improvise to make it easier and work your way up.
Henry E.
Yoga with Adrienne. She's amazing and does a good job of taking the stress out of the workout. She has very short videos too. You can start with just 5 or 10 minutes a day. You can also look up very specific routines with her like yoga for chronic pain, for sore back, for acid reflux, for sleep or for relaxation. As long as you don't find it too embarrassing you could even try chair yoga, which is usually for seniors.

You could also just start with a full body streching routine to get your body used to moving again. Actually that might be the best idea. That or dancing.

Anyways, good luck! I hope you find something you like!

Robyn Z.
Hello there, I would recommend downloading beachbody app and restorative exercises to start. Also, a good ol walk will do the job if you can walk 30 mins a day
Nanda O.
I don't know a site, but I would recommend when doing the exercises you mentioned that are too hard for you to schedule in more breaks, for example when the exercise is done during 60 seconds you schedule in a 10 second or 20 second break at 30 seconds and then you pick it up again after. Also you could start doing only half the workout video for example and work your way up. It's normal when you can't do the entire workout at the first time or even at the 10th time. You could look for modifications to those specific exercises. And most importantly don't give up and don't be disappointed in yourself when you don't make the entire workout or you didn't manage doing even half the exercises. Be proud of yourself you stepped on to the mat today and pushed yourself as much as you could. Just keep on trying and you will notice its gonna get easier!
Alfredo E.
Some times a do my exercises faster and not in the moment that I have, but I do it anyway, andthen that's matter, do it.
Mildred U.
Hello there! I was in the exactly same situation, but actually I'm using the Adidas training app, they gave the membership for free due to lockdown, however their work outs could be longer but you can adjust the intensity and so on, just take your time, hear your body while exercising, sometimes you could not be able to do the entire work out but remember by starting and keep going every day you will be doing more than in the past and little by little build resistance, actually for me the work outs of fabulous seems very simple like my warm up 😁 I'm sure you will be the same
Or C.
I use the 7 minutes workout here on fabulous. At first i couldn't do everything, i did what i could.. For example in push-ups i almost didnt bend at all and in other exercises i couldn't hold to the end but i did make an effort and did what i could thinking that as long as i give it my best effort its ok and ill get better.. After 7 workout i feel like i got so much better! Also i use youtube for ab workout, and also i do my best and not always everything. Good luck!
Lukas N.
i personally feel you have to learn to crawl before you walk.

try stretching for a few minutes everyday then work your way up.

little steps (like this app) and once you improve then you can go for a longer time or harder stretches/exercises

Helen N.
Try doing a google search for beginners exercises. You might try walking everyday for 10-15 minutes and gradually push yourself to do do 30-45 minutes up to an hour, then stretching exercises. Before you know it you’ll build up your stamina for harder exercises.
Frederik A.
Well I use Workout Woman, it’s an app that has different exercises including yoga. It has different skill levels as well as for how long it goes, (I normally would do 7-9 min exercise) hope this is helpful
Magdalena X.
Most of us have the same issue. My question would be: who said they are for begginers? Who set up the standard? …. Maybe you can try to repeat few exercises for one or two weeks, just do what you can, see where you are at the beggining, and what the progress is at the end of chosen time. Maybe you will be happily surprised by your progress 😉.
G Lten F.
Although I used to be able to do more intense workouts I lost my athleticism therefore I feel like I should start from the beginning. This at times is discouraging cause I used to be able to do more and now simple workouts are harder to get done. However, I am determined to develop better physical shape and so I am slowly taking steps. I can start by following vicky justiz videos and chloe ting workout plans.
Katrina W.
You can modify your exercise to an easier or supported version. For example, doing pushups on your knees instead of on your toes. If u find the easy version to still be hard, don't get discouraged, just practice! Ppl do not become stronger automatically. It takes work and patience.
Eurico W.
Hello, nice to meet ya! So I don't know any other app with more simple steps than Fabulous till now, I used to use Google Calendar but it doesn't work pretty well fo me, don't force yourself, make things in your time, but don't sabote yourself, the more you faciliate your routine the better! Don't let your mind sabotage you, if you have to do something even simple prepare yoursslf as obviously as you can for exemple when you going to take your morning water glass, just let the bottle aside your bed the night before! Prevention is a way to better results!
Isc I.
I think there is a app or site but I don’t know a name of it. But it is very important that you just keep trying it will be hard to begin and u will think u can’t do it. But just keep doing the exercises from this app until u can do it. Cuz I know u can!!! Believe in yourself!!! U are incredible for only thinking of bettering yourself!!! Just keep trying until u made it! U can always look up in Pinterest workouts for beginners!
D Rcio Q.
Hello dear, there are plenty of youtube channels for guided beginners workout like Roberta's gym. Also, Fittr and Teal are two great apps for workout
Bety F.
I've done workouts at home for a while and for me the beginner routine is not for sedentary people or when you have paused and restar after a while. So what I'm doing this time is to find videos of zumba in YouTube, also, I downloaded FitOn, there I select low impact or stretching routines that are more suitable for me at this moment. Hope this helps.
Marinalva Q.
You just find the excersise you enjoy doing. i really love yoga and dancing for example. I don't like the basic going to the gym or for a jogg. However I Iove to go for a walk in the nature, do a little evening yoga or dance to a great song for a few minutes (or a full playlist). For me excersise has to be fun to do it. If I don't enjoy it, I wont do it. You also have to think what do you want from your excersise. Do you want to become an olympic weight lifter, the next Usain Bolt or do you just want to have a bit more energy and maybe longer amd happier life?
Camila Y.
Don’t be so hard on yourself, you already win by trying and the life of your dreams is closer than you think , Believe it’s always hard at the beginning, be kind to yourself you don’t have to do the workout perfectly as long as your moving and being active. Try doing it at your own beat , if it says 15 push ups and you can only do 5 that’s ok ,if your consistent ,with time you’ll get stronger and you’ll be able to do it flawlessly. You can also create your own workout routines fitting your strength and your needs , and then grow progressively into a more challenging and fun one over time
Alley N.
Beginner exercises are designed to act as a stepping stone. Instead of thinking about how if you can’t do the beginner exercises then how can you do the others , change your mindset. Realise that all you can focus on nailing right now is the beginner exercises and once you nail them you can move on to the next step and then the next and then the next until you’re a total pro. Of course it is hard when you start out, this is programming a new lifestyle – everything is difficult when you first start. But stick in there. Give yourself at least 4 weeks. 4 weeks is all you need to ace this beginner set everyday. take small steps and keep the big goal in mind but also focus on taking one step at a time. YouTube is a great source for more information
Nasima X.
I've found the fitness blender website very helpful. They have different levels of workouts from 1-5 & also different lengths.
Kristine Z.
I am also at a beginner level on exercising but what I have used that made me cope up with the exercising is the 10-minute easy exercise video which is found on youtube.
Sarae F.
Bodyweight exercises are always a great place to start. Pools can offload stress on the joints and can allow for extra motion. Learn about the core movements of the body, pushing and pulling. Squats (or getting in and out of a chair), pushups against a wall, back flexion or extension. Yoga can be a gentle way to explore motions of the body. A trainer who can work with you to modify to your current strengths and help you identify and play with your abilities could be helpful on finding where to help you start
Etelvina E.
Yeah there’s a great app, it’s called a personal trainer. A good trainer will properly assess where you are and map out a way to get you where you want to be; and provide ongoing guidance along the way.
Maria Z.
The nike training app asks you a loooot of question about your lifestyle and how often do you exercise, and asks you to grade how much effort you've put in at the end of any training. You might give it a try, maybe it works for you
Isi I.
Be patient and easy on yourself at the same time as wanting to improve, everything takes practice and time. Everyone starts a beginner and you could have your goal as being able to do the beginner exercises. Edit the exercise to your ability too, stay at your own pace and stay calm, remember to breath. You can do it, don't tell yourself you can't man
S Vio S.
i would recommend doing your own workouts and going for as long as you can with exercises you can do, like jogging in place, going for a walk, jumping jacks, lunges, or bicycles. if you have the motivation, do those workouts at YOUR pace until you begin building up stamina and strength to do the other workouts:)
Misia G.
Tbh, I dont even exercise. I know I should as I'm extremely out of shape, but I have a thyroid and pituitary disfunction so weight gain is really difficult.
Jean Z.
Usually if im looking for beginner exercise i just look up exercise for those with ibs or inflammatory issues. Because of these conditions, there made for hardcore beginner and is a great starting point. Its subtle but still give you the exercise you want as a beginner and you can tjen personalise it later in your training. Yoga is a great start too.