Does anyone else have problems with hitting the snooze button ten times before getting up in the morning, and what are some solutions?

Andrea P.
I have two solutions. They don’t always work but they do help.

1) Make a promise to yourself in the evening that you will get up as you hear the buzzer. Visualize this and think about measures you can take if you still want to hit the Snooze button.

2) Count backwards from 5 and jump out of your bed. While counting you don’t have time to make up excuses for yourself.

I have the best results using 1 and 2 together…

Clifford Z.
When that happens I see it as my body or mind wanting more rest. It’s not an easy solution but the best one I found is to expect yourself to do a little less and go to sleep earlier.

We often don’t give our body all that it needs. It’s actually a super important part of accomplishing everything important that you want!

Marivana Z.
Set loud alarm or you can set natural soothing alarm. Experiment which works for you. Keep the alarm clock away from the bed.
Tony G.
I do very much so. A Wake Up Light helps. But also agreeing with myself to NEVER hit it, makes it a bit easier. Have to renew that a few times per month though.
Amelia E.
I found a great one. Have 2 alarm clocks. Put the main one on the other side of the room and a side alarm right next to the bed. Put the side alarm ring one minute before the main alarm. When you hear the side alarm, you will know that you have one minute till you will have to stand up and walk across the room to disable the second one. This minute of waiting will energise your body for the task and you will wake you up.
Ubiara Y.
I hit the snooze button at least once every day. I get through it by thinking of all the things I could be getting done instead of laying in bed. I think of something that I really look forward to doing in the morning, which is usually just having time for a cup of coffee and relaxing. If I sleep in I won't be able to do that and my whole day feels rushed.
Floyd T.
Definitely, many people set up their alarm way too early because they know they'll snooze it many times. Try putting your alarm somewhere out of reach. Maybe on the table so that you have to get up to turn it of. Put your glass of water next to it so that you drink it straight away.
Eva Marie J.

I hate to say this but I don’t hit the snooz button, I just simply ignore my alarm. Or I am so knocked out I sleep past tehe alarm time because I was dead asleep.

The best remedy for not having to hit the snooze button really begins the night before when you go to bedroom, that is what time you hit the sack and how well you keep your promise of making your nighttime routine a reality, the dark and noiseless bedroom

If these routines are faithfully completed the night before then the need for more sleep won’t be felt so greatly the next morning when the alarm sounds, and if you do feel the need to hit the snooze button after several nights of night routines, the urge to hit snooze will slack off

Duane P.
No, when my alarm goes off in the morning I wake up right away, why and how you ask. Well i’m the mornings there’s a game that I love to play. So every morning I look forward to playing it.
Katrina F.
I think getting up in the morning is simply a function of sleeping late. What has worked for me is to not open my laptop once I am back to home. I also think that we fight our sleep for that interesting video on YouTube, Facebook it Instagram and I have been able to tell myself that I am too tired to watch this and have dozed off immediately after. Don't fight your sleep for anything.
Nathaniel F.
I realized that there is only so far you can cheat your sleeping needs. When I abuse the snooze is usually because I am sleep-deprived. I go to bed earlier if I can.
I also installed a strech routine between the snoozes it wakes me up gradually and I am allowed only 2 snoozes. I turn on the light as i hit the 2nd snooze I also put eyedrops in my eyes instead of waiting to be in the bathroom) and I lately tried aromatherapy lemon/mandarin that I spray to help wakimg me up. This serms to work well like a pavlov association.
Cildo Z.
Sure everybody have this problem! The simple solution is obvious- to have a reason to get up. But if you’re still on a way to understand your purpose.. well the morning routine might help. May be.
Lola Z.
Sure. The solution is to get rid of the snooze button. At the very least move your alarm clock to a place where you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Put your water and shoes right next to it. Turn off the the alarm and go. Don’t think twice. Don’t make excuses. No “just another few minutes”. You’re up. You’re moving. Inertia takes care of the rest.
Josephine U.
No. You should aim to have 7 – 8 hours of night sleep and thus when that alarm goes off, you are ready to face your day. I think the reason why you hit the snooze button 10 times is because your body still need sleep and is not yet ready to start the day.
Lori E.
OMG! Yes, I have the same problem! It would be great to know what people have done to break this habit. I should note that once I am up I don’t feel groggy or that I did not get enough sleep. But for some reason I just like snoozing!
Isabella N.
First of all the things that will help you the most is to sleep early but if thats doesn’t seem possible now I recommend to put your phone somewhere far from bed so you take a bit more time thinking to decide hit snooze or not. Secondly you can use the app sleep cycle which is an smart alarm that will wake you up when your sleep is not so deep based on your breathing rythm.
Hope that was helpful 😉
Zander J.
Move your phone or alarm to the other side of the room, so you have to get up to snooze or turn it off, more likely get stay out of bed
Naomi C.
That was and occasionally still is an issue for me. I tried putting my alarm clock and/or phone on the opposite side of the room, which is progress but it’s still easy to just jump back into the bed after I turn it off, especially if the room feels cold!

What I’ve found is helpful is having a plan for things I need to accomplish prior to leaving for work in the mornings. This means that I HAVE to get up at that time or those things won’t get done because I’ll run out of “morning time”. This has been working so much better!

Barry S.
I’ve found myself doing just that many times and, though I haven’t tackled that impulse for good yet, something that helps me is to get up from my bed without thinking, just step down your bed without rationalizing if it’s late or not.
Regine X.
Turn on a light, and set your snooze for longer intervals. If you hear the same sound every five/ten minutes, that’s not really enough time to change your mind. If instead, you get up turn on the light, then say in twenty minutes you’ll get up for real, you’ll probably get bothered by the light and just decide to get up after a few minutes.
Jordan Y.
Yes, but now I allow myself just the one snooze and while I’m there waiting, I review the things that I am grateful for and the reasons I am waking early to make my life better.
Oscar X.
Leave the alarm farther from the bad. There are alarm apps that do not allow snooze and require some activity like shaking the phone or answer a short math question to be turned of.
Marc Y.
Get more sleep.
Meditation before bed helps.
I used to have this issue. Now I wake up before my alarm and I feel well rested.
Leni X.
Go to bed earlier
Try to “ psych” oneself that today is a marvellous day
Look for a positive outlook of having to get up…. A reason..,