What if you hate exercise, what do you do? I am also not the kind of person to dance around by myself. Any suggestions?

Zardilaque T.
If cardio and these kinds of workouts don't work for you. You can try yoga, pilates, stretching. Maybe you will like those.
Hamilton Q.
Well I'm not sure but what I will do is probably just go out for a walk maybe 3 or two times a week or/and ride my bike in a park or just ride it.I would do this because at least I'm going outside for a bit.
Delores Z.
I’m not sure how to answer as I personally love exercise, but tend to get really unmotivated. A trick that might work is starting small with something like stretching and building to walking etc etc. The biggest thing is finding exercises you like as doing exercise you dislike will only have you stray further.
Richard X.
I'm not big on going to the gym so I bought workout bands from Amazon for about $50. There are youtube videos that show you how to use them in different ways and essentially get a full-body workout. I also have started doing more outdoors like long walks and bike rides, which helps a lot. In the winter I used an elliptical I bought used, but you could also try a rowing machine, which is inexpensive and takes up less space. I also do yoga occasionally these days. Essentially, as long as I move my body for 30-60 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week, then I consider it a win, whether I go to a gym or not. Hope this helps, good luck on your journey!