How do you make yourself want to go to gym when you know you don’t actually have to?

Mat O Z.
I remind myself of how I will feel right after I finish my workout, which excites me to do it even if I don’t feel like it
Sandra Z.
you can workout at home if you don't want to go to the gym. Also, when you workout, you don't workout for your physical body only, studies has shown that working out can lift up your mood and make you happier and mentally healthier.
Jasmijn I.
I follow a private lesson of Baguazhang in another town, the lifestyle around these movements interests me. And the teacher getest the chance to teach better so I do it not only for me but also for the teacher.
Krista E.
Changing the mentality from “have to” to “have the opportunity to” is key for me. I have become motivated by observing how much more energy I have and how much happier/less irritable I am after exercising. Knowing that I’ll get that hit of endorphins, be on track towards my fitness goals, and check something off the list actually makes me want to do it, when I used to dread it. Rewarding myself with workout clothes I like has also helped – I relish the chance to wear them.
Gustavo Y.
I don’t go to the gym but I find a way to be super active for about 10 mins each day and it could be the most simplest things. I do a 5 minute ab workout each day when I can then either go on my skate or run/ play about . I try to make myself active in a fun way so then it is something I don’t dread.
Chad G.
I make tiny excuses like "ok, I'll buy this donut but I'll do 5mins in the gym" that 5 mins just usually turns into 30. But that's all right
James E.
Find a gym buddy to go with, or tell yourself you only need to go for 20mins, chances are you'll end up staying longer but even if you only go for 20mins it's better than not going at all 🙂 and you'll feel great afterwards!