I’m very thin and not at all athletic, but I want to get fit. Tips?

Ibrahim C.
Just start. Do you have any previous working out experience? If yes, what did you like / not like.

When I started I did a lot of research into body types and amout of calory intake necessary to be healthy and how quickly exercise showed results.

Then I decided what kind of working out I wanted to do. Circuit training, yoga, power yoga, dance based, body weight training, etc.

I chose body weight training because it matched my temperament and then I looked up youtube channels and apps.

Now I follow my youtube channel religiously and do those workouts.

Mind, you won't always feel like working out and sometimes you won't, and sometimes you won't be able to but as long as you keep coming back and continue to exercise you'll reach your goal.

Tldr version- reaserch some, make a choice and start with whatever you have. It will build from there. Oh and don't stop, take breaks but don't stop.

Raha N.
I'm fat and I want to lose my weight so I do exercise everyday for 30 minute and eat healthy foods to be fit💪💪💪😍😍😍
Ma Wenn T.
Start small and don't try to push yourself too hard. So do small exercises throughout the day. Mixing them up with daily activities has been a lot of help for me. Doing some squats while brushing my teeth. Doing lunges on the way to the kitchen every once and a while. Maybe a plank when you get out of bed. Finding small ways to incorporate exercises into your days helps to slowly build muscles without putting too much strain on your body.