Is walking ‘real’ exercise if you aren’t breaking a sweat?

Sergio C.
yas sure, maybe walk a little more (faster or just more time) if you want something more intense but everything that moves your body is exercise
Autumn N.
Yes, walking definitely still counts as real exercise! However, if you’re aiming to burn a lot of calories or get your heart rate up a lot, jogging or running (or even fast walking) is probably better.
Zo N.
I think the more we sweat the better, because the metabolism increases. Therefore, walking without sweat will not be a real exercise
Mylan Z.
To me, exercising is taking any opportunity to get moving, whether it's walking, stretching or sprinting. I've read studies that suggested even walking for about a few hours per week prevents heart problems. So if you want to go on a brief walk or you want more intensive exercise, go for it.
Ann P.
Everybody’s anatomy is different. You burn calories ALL the time. My metabolism might be a little faster than someone else’s but when you're walking, you’re burning calories. People run or speed walk to burn them faster but overall, you have to know your body.
Alexandria P.
Most definitely. I’ve taken 30-40 min walks and not fact pace walks either, I broke a sweat and lost breath. Just push yours to your limit
Don F.
I would consider walking an exercise otherwise I have been doing my seven minutes of working out wrong by just walking the dog. Though through this said walk I would be making sure that I am getting my heart rate up by walking from my house all the way to behind my house very fast and then the rest of the walk I enjoy by taking deep breath’s
Melody J.
Yes walking is still real exercise even if your not breaking sweat because it can possibly create a caloric deficit as long as you or whoever dose not increase your daily intake
Adora T.
I think it is, because for me exercise is not only about breaking a sweat. I think its about how you manage your body to move. (sorry for my bad english)
Belina Q.
I think walking is very important for many reasons. The first one is that a quick walk fills you with energy, clears your mind and makes you more focused. Second it helps for your musculoskeletal system even if you are not an athletic personality. You maybe have heard that 10000 steps a day makes you happier and guarantee that you will be more productive. So in my opinion a good walk can have the same effects as an exercise.