How do you get through depression?

Nandi Z.
So , let's see. When I was young my classmates áll days and áll nights said bad about me and I felt , that I'm nothing and I tried to be against me , and yes I tried to K*ll myself , but one day , Bella , who isy Best friend now , seid to me "Hi!" , but She seid very friendly and Than I can understand that I'm something. Áll day I tring ti understand what was The diffrense and Than I find an answer . The answer is: "It is a decieson".

It mean: Át first you have to have a Way In your mind , like I want to be happy.

You have to understand that you MUST TO DO something to get your rezolt.

Good luck , and be yourself and nevét afraid 🤟🥳👍

Elena C.
It is really difficult. Especially because you can never pull it behind your shoulder, it is something that is always with you and when you let your defences down, it insinuates again and makes you feel awfully. Sometimes you are able to stop depression right at the beginning, sometimes you cannot and there you are again. Even if depression tries to prevent you from doing it, talking to other people helps a lot. You have to break the barriers of your own mind and put yourself in contact with the real world.
Marija F.
Spend time with close friends of family. Go outside for a walk, even if its for five minutes around the block. And above all try not to sleep all day. Do something creative. For example: if you think that you can't draw, look up a drawing tutorial. If you played an instrument as a kid, maybe revisit that instrument. Just know that what you are feeling is different for everyone and there is nothing wrong with you. I cannot possibly understand what you are going through, but as long as you make it through the day, you are doing great!
Josie O.
Routines, familial support, and most importantly professional help. Always seek talk therapy. Medications can help if you need them
Marc F.
With alot of support of friends, family and loads of affirmation. You need someone to talk to, someone whos on your side, also try to get outside even if it seems hard to get out of bed. It helps alot.
Hannah N.
You don’t. Depression is something that will come back over and over when you least expect it and manifest itself in the weirdest things. I think the most important thing to know is that it’s a part of you and it isn’t bad, it isn’t good, it’s just there. Think about your actions that help you feel good when you’re happy (document them in a diary) so you can remember that you did feel good once. It’s also important to know that crying is so cathartic and doing nothing is sometimes the best thing you can do. Instead of beating yourself up for taking a break when you feel like you can’t move, lay down and do nothing and ENJOY IT, tell yourself you needed this (because you did) and that tomorrow you will try again. There’s always tomorrow 🙂
Jenny B.
Try to complete one task at a time. Be aware of what you eat, how much you move and how much you drink water. If you can't do everything at the same time, focus on one of them at a time.
Chester E.
Observe the small and simple things in life, things that might make you happier. Go on an adventure and a journey to self-discover. Connect with nature and your spirituality.
Important: If you can, do therapy.
Brittany E.
You need to start to see your worth ,you need to find joy in yourself. Try to think positive in every way possible, you must know that everything in your life its not temporary make yourself happy in way that nobody can. If you depend on anyone you will end up being hurt ,disappointed and sad but if you do things that you love and start loving yourself you will change your view on the world and you will understand that if you have nobody to make you happy you have yourself . If you want to take a trip but u don't have anyone to go with you go by yourself don't be afraid to be alone you are not alone as soon as you understand that you are more that you think you are . If you think that you are not enough or that you are not pretty, you are , you are enough and you are awesome . Some people don't sees your worth but those people are insecure about themselves . The most important thing to do its not to care what people think you must do whatever you love without any doubt in yourself. You can do it you are very powerful we all are. Get out of bed and find something that makes you happy and fill your heart with happiness.