What’s the baddest thing that’s happened to you, that completely demotivated you and made you give up exercising?

Vince N.
It used to be myself, letting the bad things break me down and not getting up or doing anything. Then I decided I wanted to change and look like those kids at school. The hardest part is starting and sticking with your routine. Once you do it enough to make a habit it becomes a routine and then it’s ingrained in your kind as a daily task.
C Ndida Q.
mental health issues. They won't let you get out of bed. Although you should never stop having hope, it gets better only if you try to make it better <3
Rhia N.
honestly for me it was when my school stress got so high because of exam stress 🙁 but looking back i wish i did exercise and it genuinely did help with my mental health! dont let anything demotivate you 🙂
Rocio E.
Not stretching has made me give up exercising, because I’d always be way too sore the next day to go at my exercise routine again
From J.
Ahhh thx for asking. Last year i have worked out a lot and i looked slimmer but when i dtepped on the scale…i havent lost a single kg!! That was in 2020..Now in 2021 i found out that i had slow metabolism so i tool proffesional advice, so far im good and i hv built muscles. I hape hope and faith. It is my lifestyle now to eat healthier and exercising most of the times
Ida Z.
I got covid-19. Then I got better but I am suffering with side effects from it. Causing me to get depressed and demotivated.
Am Ncio Z.
My bad self esteem. For a while, it was actually my motivation (you know lose weight etc). It worked, I was losing weight but it was never enough (i developed an ED), I was sick. Nothing can be sustainable if negativity and toxicity is at its root. Plus I had to recover and relearn how to do basic things (how to eat, to hangout with friends or family, go to the restaurant, live basically). It was exhausting honestly. I am still struggling everyday but my mindset is totally different now. I let myself enjoy working out in whatever form (walking, yoga, pilates, dancing, biking, etc.). If you start looking at it as movement and using your energy for pleasure, motivation comes naturally. Hope it helps!
Elena N.
I started to have a reward mentality. “Because I worked exercised, I deserve a dessert, a reward for my hard work”. I kept using this as an excuse to binge an unhealthy amount times. Which naturally, caused me to gain weight and demotivated me