I usually don’t have enough time in the morning for exercise but I do later in the day. Is that a problem?

Emilie C.
Not at all! The important part is that you are making the time to live your body. If it works out better later in the day, that’s great! It’s usually suggested to be completed in the morning because there are very little distractions and fatigue. I find that if I don’t work out in the morning, I won’t have the energy or something will come up and I’ll miss my exercising for the day.
Ivanoel E.
I think it’s a matter of personal preference. When I wake up in the morning, I’m stiff in my joints, so morning is a good time for me to loosen up with exercise (stretching exercises).
Alberto Z.
Exercise when it feels right for you. If that us the afternoon or evening so be it. The danger is the distractions of the day. So make sure if you're going to exercise in the evening that it's on your calendar and that you commit to it. The other option of course is always to get up earlier when you will not be distracted and can put in a little bit of time everyday. So even if you only get 10 minutes in in the morning it's a better than nothing.
Suzanna Z.
Absolutely not! If you can’t find time to exercise in the morning, that’s okay! Just make sure that you set aside a specific time that you know you will be able to workout in the afternoon or later on in the day.
Anthony U.
Not at all. The whole point is you schedule the time to take care of yourself, regardless of the hour of day. If you can carve out the time to commit to achieving other people’s goals, the more you need to carve out time for yourself everyday. You need to recharge, otherwise you are useless to yourself and to everyone else.
Michele I.
Get up earlier and do 8 minutes of stretching, and slow yoga-like exercises. You don't have to break a sweat or get in a cardio workout to get the benefits of morning exercise. It's not morning strength training or morning endurance training. It's 'morning exercise.' Think about it as brushing your teeth or eating a healthy breakfast .
Have an open mind and trust in the advice Fabulous is giving. I've noticed that I have a lot more flexibility and mobility at work now that I do the morning 8 minutes every day. Don't overdo it so you can do it 365 days a year. Save the strength training and endurance training for when you have time during the day.
Diane O.
There is no problem as long as you get the result – exercise.
If your goal is exercise specifically in the morning how about thinking to go to bed earlier or waiting up earlier?
Korinna R.
If you exercise later in the day just be careful that it's not close to bed time. Your body needs a couple hours usually, between exercise and sleep. Try it and see how it is for you. I do my main exercise in the middle of the day, but I do about 5 minutes of stretches and crunches first thing in the morning. Even that makes a big difference getting the day started well.
Cathy T.
Of course it is fine to exercise when ever you have time. Even if you slip it in by doing little bits during the day, it is great and you will feel good about yourself for doing it. This sense of accomplishment will motivate you further. And it is also a great idea to
Exercise at the same time everyday so
It becomes a ritual like bathing and brushing your teeth. This provides a more fail safe way of exercising.
Cassiano B.
Not for me, as long as you at some point in your day get a bit of exercise it will keep your heart healthy. I think routine is best so if you only usually have time in the afternoon then always exercise in the afternoon
Karl Otto Q.
If it's possible, you could try to wake up earlier, but exercise any time you want,as long as you an commit to it! Exercising in the morning the just helps to wake you up. Sometimes I do a five minute yoga session, which is surprisingly effective at waking me up. Then I might.o more exercise later in the day.
Mel Z.
Nope. Though exercising in the morning does give you energy and make you more refreshed for the day, as long as you work out i feel that its counted no matter the time of the day
Oliver Z.
Personally, I think you’re doing fabulous if you exercise, regardless when it is! I am also not a morning exerciser, and just indicate yes in the app if I’ve planned it.
Angela X.
No, not at all. Any time you have to get active is good for you, so take advantage of that free time and work your body.
Filippa N.
I dont believe the morning exercise is meant to replace your workout. Dont compromise that. See if you can just slip in a minute or two of dancing or shaking when you wake up to get your blood circulating.
(This is not official just my opinion because I am being asked.)
Dean Z.
If you exercise in the morning the nice feel good endorphins stay with you. And exercise if later at night would make one more awake
Clayton J.
I can relate to this. Even if it's just few stretches and reps. and gets your heart pumping for a second, it's much better than doing no exercise. You can always commit to doing exercise for longer periods of time later in the day, always do some type of movement in the am though!
Robby F.
As long as you exercise that's the main thing! It doesn't matter when as long as it's when you will do it and you commit to that.
Astrid Y.
When it happens, I do as following: I complete anyway my morning routine with a very quick exercise (for example the 1 minute- just get moving from Fabulous) and then I do a proper session during the day or evening when I have time