How do you stay motivated if you don’t have an exercise buddy?

Shontay N.
I try to remain focused on my body goals, the difference in my mood when I exercise and pay attention to the differences I have from exercising. I also have a image on my lock screen of myself when I was most confident with my body or a famous person (Serena Williams) who is my body goals.
Jerry J.
I think the most important choice has been to start small. This allows me to compare the perceived "cost" of exercise to the "benefit" – the feeling of accomplishment, the beautiful trees on my outside walls, my steady energy and deeper sleep. It also helps me appreciate my growing stamina. At this point, I don't always enjoy exercising but I feel a sense of satisfaction when I begin and am able to notice the benefits throughout the day. Plus I'm impressing my husband and my dog!.
Georgia C.
take a good time to think what exercise you want to do even if u don't have a buddy to do it if your doing something u like its easier to stay motivated also there is nothing wrong t making new friends at the gym or during your running time
Marcus P.
I first exorcise the demons out of my friends and then exercise with the demons. Jk, idk. I am aware that different people like to exercise in different ways and paces so I don't expect them to join me. I do it to make myself proud at the end and idk if someone else knows about it or not.
Kelly O.
Exercise is part of my routine. It comes after one habit and is followed by the next habit, so it’s pretty automatic. I also prep for it ahead of time and keep it simple since it’s the first movement of the day. I get exercise at work and I exercise again after work, so my first exercise in the morning is the basics. Stretching, squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, etc., and just one set of each, to get warmed up for the day.
Stephanie N.
I stay motivated by remembering why I want to workout. Working out makes me feel strong and happy! I remind myself how good I always feel after working out. I remember that even if I don’t have a workout partner, it’s important to move my body.
Thomas T.
I have never had an exercise buddy. I found it really tough, at first, staying motivated to exercise but if you can push yourself through the first week or so it becomes a habit and much as easier.
E Z.
I try to stick to the same routine everyday so my body just naturally does it. I also have my boyfriend to help motivate me as well but he more motivated me to start bettering myself rather than everyday telling me to exercise.
Teamo N.
I keep my motivation by thinking about how much easier my future would be if I just got up out of my bed and went for a run. I even keep my motivation by doing at home workouts right in the room I sleep and live in but I am just like everyone else, everytime I wake up I feel the struggle or thought of not workout or getting up out of my bed but thinking about my future for the better really helps me keep the motivation but getting a buddy would give me so much more motivation
Deanna T.
Since I'm an only child I've been used to being “alone” for most of life and I don't mind it. Some things are better left to be done by yourself and exercising is something I believe is best done by myself.
Robin W.
I haven't had an exercise buddy in 8 months, working out 4× per week. You just gotta be very clear in your mind what you truly want to achieve and then want it so bad! And then just trust in the process. Wanna gain muscle? Eat more + do muscle hypertrophy exercises. Wanna loose fat + increase muscle tone? Eat less, eat enough protein + do cardio and weight training. Stick to working out 3-4 times per week, eat well and then it's INEVITABLE that after a couple of months you WILL be much much happier with how you look. You don't need anyone to motivate you except yourself. All the best! 🙂
Salsa A.
I use application on my phone to exercise and they have calender exercise in their fitur. When you exercise, they will mark the date automatically. So when I not exercise and see the unmark date, I have some kind motivate to not make another unmark.
Cailey P.
Joining a workout class has helped me the most. I’m not the best at coming up with my own workouts, but signing up for a class motivates me to go. You make new friends that push you and challenge you. I recommend F45 or Orangetheory! Or find workout classes at your local gym. They might seem costly but in the end they will get you to your end goal and help you make new friends!!
Matt P.
I compete with friends on my Apple Watch. Also once you establish an initial routine, you shortly see the benefit in mental and physical health which makes it easier to come back for more.
Andrea U.
I’m a self motivated person and determined to succeed.
Routine is a good repetition to remember what you are doing at the beginning, after that you are flowing. Light and easy. You need to believe in yourself that you deserve a better lifestyle and habits.
Energy is there for you. It’s only impossible until it’s done! All my support to a new starters. Go for it! Find a new You 😁
Marsha P.
Workout buddies help to motivate, challenge, and keep you accountable. I use a fitness apps like a 30 day challenge that increases gradually each day and helps me keep my chain going.
Angela V.
I exercise in front of my full length mirrors and I’m my own exercise buddy! I never let myself down. I’m always on time! We always have matching water bottles and outfits!! It’s just so cool!! I love her so much!!
Charlie T.
I like to exercise alone most of the times, but sometimes I like to exercise with my pets I think it’s more fun doing exercises with your pets.
J Rg Peter F.
This is where it finally pays off to have anxiety. I like having a partner, but my main partner is me. It's the little anxious voice in my head saying freak out about this or that. And when I work out I silence that voice. So my options are work out alone, or dont work out feel terrible. For me, not working out is simply not an option.
Kaspar U.
I have yoga aplication and I like it so that's why I don't have a problem with motivation. But it's also easier for me when I do it in the morning before I start my work day.
Math O Z.
Actually it's a big deal! A buddy or a friend can really help us to be more consistent. However I tried to DO something for myself. I tried to take it easy! I started with light jogging and still working on it.
Elaine L.
I am willing to take on a walking partner,however,first thing before waking…stretching in the bed and loosening muscles are a good start.The idea of quiet meditation as I walk quietly or with earbuds and music will raise my spirits and give me time for thought of my previous day or evening and how to improve it.Most of our day is filled with drama if the present.In order to process improving ourselves the problem or idea of the previous day or evening or even our future can be processed during the private time to ourselves and allowing ourselves to breathe in the good and breathe out the bad sometimes brings great satisfaction.
Gris N.
I look at it as improving and building strength. Some days I only focus on stretching and other days i opt for the fabulous downloadable routine. My current goal with 8 min movement is to be able to do wheel pose. So even if I’m not motivated my way easier days will be stretching in a way that supports that goal.
Colleen Q.
My method of exercise is yoga, and I follow Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for this. I visualize that Adriene is my yoga buddy, rather than just my teacher. So every day I’m making time for her, and my personal desire to not let down my friends keeps me coming back to the mat.
Thalia Z.
I do exercise videos from YouTube (specifically “yoga with Adrienne”) and on mornings where I don’t feel motivated or wake up late I choose a super short 5 minute routine just to still get it done. When it comes to longer more involved exercise I find it helps to have a long term goal to keep me motivated — like training for a race and following a training schedule. I don’t beat myself up if I miss one or two sessions but I remind myself how much better the final race will be if I keep up the routine (with or without a training buddy)
Faith Q.
I don’t have an exercise buddy but I pretend my cats are because they stare at me, I normally exercise at night knowing i’m going to wake up in pain but I like the pain so it motivates me that I’m actually doing something
Manpreet X.
I started using the fabulous app as my buddy. I started small by a simple walk followed by 7 minute exercise. I keep myself motivated by remembering the feeling I have once I workout. My body feels light and I believe that this is going to help my brain me more active. So I try linking exercise benefits to something I would cherish.
Jessy N.
I like to do things on my own. Sometimes I get embarrassed or I goof off more if I’m with someone. I’m more focused when it’s just me.
Kim E.
Shorter, more frequent workouts. When I was in marching band I could "exercise" for 12 hours and never get tired. But I don't have that team or synchronicity in adulthood. I find that the 7 minute workout in the morning and afternoon walk and stretch are easily attainable and I even have energy to play with my kids after work now. Just tiny, 7 minute bursts. It's unbelievable
Cassie O.
Simple. I'm doing this for me. This is my time I'm giving myself. This is my journey. If someone wanted to workout with me, I wouldn't turn them away, but I am on my own fabulous journey. I always have to remind myself why I started. Keep it up!