If you have a weekly day of rest, in Fabulous do you record that as that you exercised, or that you didn’t?

Natashia F.
I record my rest day as a exercise day. I feel for me A day of Rest for my mind is like physical exercise for the body! Hope this helps❤️🥰🌈
Cheyenne N.
I consider it as I walked around that day and did stuff it still counts as exercise even if I didn’t fully exert myself. I know that fabulous isn’t going to hate on you for getting a little walk in. You’ll have to figure out what you are comfortable with, but good work keep it up!
Kayla P.
I haven’t taken a rest on exercise just yet. I do yoga so I don’t feel the need for a rest day, but if I did, no I would not record it. If I didn’t exercise – even if for a scheduled rest day – there’s no exercise. Then again, if I had to walk a long distance somewhere perhaps I would have. I suppose it depends on how active I was throughout the rest day.
Stella Z.
I would mark that down as I did not exercise, but I would not beat myself up over it because it’s okay to take days just to rest.
Jonathan W.
I don't record it. Although I wish I would just mark it, because I think a day of rest is important to me especially as a Christian. I also feel like I failed every week because I loose my streak.
Noa F.
I don't. That day is a day where I don't go on the Fabulous app. I make sure to only take breaks when I'm not doing a challenge, so that I don't lose my streaks.
Johan S.
I would leave it empty until I do it. For example if I don't exercise today I'll leave box unchecked until tomorrow when I actually do it and then I'll go back and mark it as checked